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Troy Polamalu joins his Steelers brethren for Hall of Fame weekend

After missing several moments of Hall of Fame weekend, Troy Polamalu is in attendance for the festivities in Canton, OH.

New Orleans Saints v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are well represented at this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremonies. The weekend which takes place in Canton, OH has been filled with black and gold and twirling Terrible Towels.

During the weekend, which was kicked off by the Steelers beating the Dallas Cowboys 16-3 in the Hall of Fame preseason game, the players/contributors who were being inducted to the Hall of Fame had several events.

They were honored during the Hall of Fame game, received their gold jackets on Friday night and took part in the parade Saturday before the first, of two, enshrinement ceremonies.

There was just one problem, Troy Polamalu was missing.

No, not missing as in his face was on the side of a milk carton, missing as in he wasn’t in attendance. This was because Polamalu had tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in the week and had to stay away until his quarantine time period was over.

While Polamalu missed being present at the game, and the jacket ceremony, he was in attendance for the parade and will take part in the enshrinement ceremonies this weekend. Here are some video and photos of Polamalu enjoying his time in the limelight.

Polamalu has been in contact with health officials and the Pro Football Hall of Fame to make sure it is safe for him to travel to Canton, as well as partake in the events. It obviously seems as if he got the green light, and Steelers Nation is ecstatic!

Be sure to check out all of the festivities taking place Saturday and Sunday. Don’t know how to watch? Check the article below:

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