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Dive inside the life of a Hall of Famer with the book “Polamalu”

Troy Polamalu’s biography by Jim Wexell offers a look into the Steelers Hall of Fame safety like you’ve never seen before.

NFL: AUG 07 HOF Class of 2020 Enshrinement Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What a weekend for the Pittsburgh Steelers! After kicking off the Hall of Fame activities with a 16-3 win in their preseason game over the Dallas Cowboys, the franchise saw five people inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in players Donnie Shell, Troy Polamalu, and Alan Faneca along with head coach Bill Cowher and the legendary Bill Nunn.

During Saturday night’s ceremony, former Steelers safety Troy Polamalu once again captured the heart of Steelers’ Nation. After more than six years away from the NFL, Polamalu reminded Steelers’ fans about the excellent player and person who helped lead the Steelers defense to two Super Bowl victories. As always, Polamalu left Steelers’ Nation simply wanting more Troy.

If more Troy Polamalu is what you’re looking for, then you need to look no further than the biography Polamalu by Jim Wexell.

There is plenty of Troy Polamalu to be found in the more than 400 pages which took Wexell over a decade to compile. It is written in the style of combining various quotes from interviews. In all, Wexell quoted more than 50 of Polamalu‘s teammates, coaches, friends, family, and other people in his life.

When you first pick up your copy of Polamalu, you will naturally be drawn to the 14 pages of color photos set right in the middle of the book. From childhood pictures to family, sports, and other life moments, it is a great addition to the biography.

Although Troy Polamalu did not sit down for an interview specifically for the book, it was Polamalu‘s interactions with Jim Wexell throughout his playing career which made the biography possible. In only the way Troy could do it, Polamalu was not originally interested in a book during his playing days as he told Wexell he hadn’t done anything in his life yet which was worthy of a biography.

By reading Polamalu, Steelers fans will be able to gain insight into the Hall of Famer unlike they ever have before. For example, Wexell references an important person in Polamalu’s life who was at the Hall of Fame over the weekend.

If you want to know more about the relationship between Miller and Polamalu, you’re going to have to check it out for yourself.

As a fair warning, if you are looking for a quick read of some basic information about Troy Polamalu, this is not the book for you. Instead, you will get an in-depth look at the man who was just rightfully enshrined in Canton over the weekend.

I could go on and on about Polamalu and what all the biography entails, but your best bet is to pick up a copy for yourself. The book can be purchased at where 20% of the proceeds will be gifted back to the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation.

Do you already have a copy of Polamalu in your collection? If so, make sure to let your fellow Steelers’ fans know your thoughts on the biography in the comments below.