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Steelers 2021 Training Camp Recap, Day 13: The misinterpretation surrounding Kevin Dotson

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back at Training Camp, and it is time to check out what went down during the latest practice!

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

It isn’t Saint Vincent College, but it hasn’t been Latrobe, PA since 2019. The Pittsburgh Steelers are taking in their 2021 Training Camp between Heinz Field and their UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on the Southside of Pittsburgh.

What went down during the latest training camp practice? That is where this article comes in. Check out all that was said, as well as photos and videos from the day’s workouts.

Here we go...

Sunday’s training camp practice was a pretty typical practice, and the Steelers faithful in attendance got to see some new names putting the pads on and getting ready for their next exhibition game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles this Thursday.

One of the players who is just returning to the lineup is guard Kevin Dotson. Dotson has been limited in the early portions of camp, and is just now participating in full team activities. When Dotson returned Sunday, he was with the second string. Following practice Mike Tomlin was asked what he thought of Dotson’s performance. Here was his answer:

“I can’t tell you. I’ll look at the tape first. It was good to have him back out there today.”

Tomlin was later asked again about Dotson playing with the backups, and not the starters. After all, the official depth chart has him as a starter and almost everyone assumed he would be a starter when Week 1 rolled around.

Tomlin didn’t mince words when answering the question.

“He has done nothing to earn first-team reps. What are we talking about? He’s a second-year guy that hadn’t worked.”

Immediately fans remembered the reports of Dotson not being in the favor of the coaching staff this offseason. Some reports even stated he was out of shape. Despite the out of shape rumors being debunked, many fans were assuming Tomlin’s second quote was more about Dotson’s physical shape than him working back into the lineup.

When you watch Tomlin’s post-practice media session, you can tell he is talking about how Dotson is just getting back to practice, not that he is out of shape or in the proverbial dog house.

Nonetheless, with Steelers Twitter ablaze, Dotson felt it necessary to calm the storm and respond to some of the tweets. Here was his response to ESPN’s Brooke Pryor:

Tomlin went on to talk about what he thought of Rashaad Coward, and he spoke glowingly of the veteran lineman who has been filling in for Dotson in his absence.

“I think he’s done an excellent job. He has the mannerisms and the demeanor of a veteran and that’s needed, particularly when we’re going through the transition we’re going through at that group when we’re missing some guys or work at that group. His level of maturity and experience is showing and it’s an asset to him and to us.”

Will Dotson work his way back to the starting lineup? It isn’t a given, but luckily for Dotson he has plenty of time to rectify the situation with his play.

Time to check out some other information from practice Sunday...

Who’s in, and who’s out

A quick look at those who did, and did not, participate in the Steelers’ training camp practice at Heinz Field.

Snaps, snaps and more snaps

In the past week or so there have been reports of Ben Roethlisbeger having to use both his size and athleticism to corral some of rookie Kendrick Green’s snaps. As reported by Dejan Kovacevic of DKPittsburghSports, the two work working diligently on the task before the team aspect of camp began Sunday.

Still working...

In case people still thought T.J. Watt was sitting on the couch eating bonbons, he continues to be the hardest worker on the field.

7 Shots

Your daily update on the ‘7 Shots’ drill which puts the football at the two yard line and seven plays run. Who wins the majority wins the drill.

2 minute drill

The Steelers did practice the two-minute drill Sunday, and Dwayne Haskins failed to lead the offense to a touchdown. Nonetheless, it was Josh Dobbs who was able to captain a scoring drive vs. the backups.

Dobbs getting 3rd team reps

Speaking of Josh Dobbs, it seems as if he is getting more and more work with the second and third strings. Mike Tomlin talked about how Dobbs isn’t out of the fight at quarterback, and they seem to be giving Dobbs every opportunity to win a job.

Chuks Update

Chuks Okorafor met with media following practice and he spoke about how he was dealing with an injury. That injury has hindered his participation in the first few weeks of training camp, but despite the injury he admitted he was close to playing in the Hall of Fame game Thursday night.

No Show

The Steelers typically make two players available to the media following practice, and after Chuks Okorafor it was supposed to be Devin Bush. But Bush didn’t show. Maybe Bush was getting treatment, or had a previous engagement, but the media will have to wait to ask Bush about his odd Twitter activity this past offseason.

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