Was the O-line that bad????

After the game my first thought was the O-line was horrible. They did not open holes for the run game and Ben did not have a lot of time to throw. Then I had to ask was this any different than the 2020 Buffalo game?

It is hard to say this is not a true statement but before we sell the line down the river lets take a look back at the Buffalo game from last year. Last year we had 45yds rushing on 17 attempts and Ben was sacked once on 37 attempts. This year we had 75yds rushing on 21 attempts and Ben was sacked twice on 32 pass attempts.

This is not a complete analysis but this rebuilt line did no worse than the 2020 version. This unit has a lot of room to grow where last years unit (outside of Dotson) was in general at its ceiling.

Plus were there any bad snaps yesterday? I did not notice one.

Looking forward to seeing this line grow and get better. They will be a work in progress there is no doubt but I for one am ready to see where the ride goes.

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