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AFC North Recap: In Week 2 the script get flipped, entire division 1-1

All four teams who call the AFC North home are 1-1 heading into Week 3.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The second week of NFL football is behind us, and it was quite the week in the AFC North division. With that said, it is time to see how the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns all did in the week that was.

Time to take a look...

Baltimore Ravens - 36
Kansas City Chiefs - 35

As many on the east coast went to bed, the Ravens and Chiefs were going head-to-head in a dynamic, and exciting prime time matchup. Right when it looked as if the Ravens were done in by Patrick Mahomes, again, it was Lamar Jackson and company who had the last laugh. The biggest call of them all? Only up one, on their own 41-yard line, John Harbaugh and Jackson had the ‘stones’ to go for it on 4th and 1. They made it, and Mahomes never touched the field again.

Chicago Bears - 20
Cincinnati Bengals - 17

In a game I feel like no one watched, Joe Burrow and company fell down early, but stormed back late. It was just too little, too late. The Bengals are a young and inexperienced team, but are a tough out as long as they stay healthy. A big test awaits with a road trip to Heinz Field in Week 3.

Cleveland Browns - 31
Houston Texans - 21

Everyone thought this was a blowout waiting to happen, but Tyrod Taylor, before leaving injured, had the Texans right in the thick of things in the first half. Eventually the Browns were too much for Houston to handle, and they pulled away with the win. Baker Mayfield left with a shoulder injury to his non-throwing arm, but was able to return and played well. The Browns are tough to beat, but are far from perfect.

Las Vegas Raiders - 26
Pittsburgh Steelers - 17

It seems as if the rest of the division has a general trajectory for the rest of their season. As for the Steelers, it is one giant question mark. Whether you are talking about the inexperienced offensive line, Ben Roethlisberger’s inconsistencies, the team’s inability to run the football or the injuries currently plaguing the defense, not much is known in Pittsburgh right now. This loss was a punch in the gut, and the response which is needed is a dominant performance vs. the Bengals next Sunday. However, nothing is certain with this football team at the moment.

AFC North Standings

Pittsburgh Steelers - 1-1
Cincinnati Bengals - 1-1
Baltimore Ravens - 1-1
Cleveland Browns - 1-1

Week 3 AFC North Schedule:

Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears — 1 p.m. ET, Sunday
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals — 1 p.m. ET, Sunday
Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens — 1 p.m. ET, Sunday

A look ahead...

Next three opponents for all AFC North teams:

Baltimore Ravens: at Lions, at Broncos, vs. Colts (MNF)
Cleveland Browns: vs. Bears, at Vikings, at Chargers
Pittsburgh Steelers: vs. Bengals, at Packers, vs. Broncos
Cincinnati Bengals: at Steelers, vs. Jaguars, vs. Packers