What does it mean for DJ?

DJ has been 42% of the 52 targets going to WRs (22 targets).

He has 2 41 yard catches out of his 14 catches so far this year (2 games only)

12 catches for 59 yards to get to (rounded 5 Yards per Catch)

141 Total Receiving Yards


89 YAC.

Those look like decent numbers but with 13 and 9 targets in weeks 1 & 2, respectively that doesn't seem to be very productive.

Does he have twitchiness, is he quick, can he get open? Yes to all.

Is he smooth in his routes, a go get it guy, his feet sound? No to all.

He's not as bad on his feet as McFarland is!

Something seems a bit off.

What is it?

(besides the giving up on routes)

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