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Steelers vs. Bengals, Week 3: 3rd quarter in-game update

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back, and we keep you up to date with those who aren’t able to watch the game live.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter In-Game Update

2nd Quarter In-Game Update

Cincinnati received the ball to start the second half, and the offense picked up right where it left off in the second quarter. It took them three plays, two big runs by Joe Mixon, to move the ball quickly into Pittsburgh territory. Due to penalties, the Bengals’ drive stalled and had to settle for a 43-yard field goal to make the score 17-7 with 8:47 left in the third quarter.

Needing an answer, Ben Roethlisberger and the offense looked to be moving the ball, until Roethlisberger threw an awful interception on 3rd down to give the ball right back to Cincinnati in the red-zone. Three plays later Burrow hit Ja’Marr Chase for his second touchdown of the game. The score became 24-7 with 6:18 left in the third quarter.

Najee Harris continued to be dynamic every time he touched the ball, and a big catch and run, combined with a roughing the passer call, put the Steelers in field goal range. However, Chris Boswell missed the 42-yard kick, keeping the score 24-7 with 4:22 left in the third quarter.

The Pittsburgh defense forced a three-and-out, and the offense had the ball at the end of the third quarter.