Kirk Cousins Trade

I noticed this article talking about a "realistic trade proposal" by Brad Spielberger from PFF where the Steelers would pick up Kirk Cousins in the final year of his deal.

Steelers Get

- Kirk Cousins

Vikings Get

- 2022 Steelers Rd 1 pick

- 2023 Steelers Rd 2 pick

A couple of thoughts…

- Cousins is owed $45mil in the final year of his deal. Any trade would mean the Vikings holding into his $10mil bonus in dead money and the new team picking up the remaining $35mil of this last year.

-According to…the Vikings have $12.5mil of cap space remaining this year which will roll over into next season and they’re already at - $7.34 mil. So difference of about $5mil remaining but their cap situation isn’t that bad. Only a couple of key FAs (Patrick Peterson, Xavier Woods) but a new head coach coming in who will want to make moves.

I don’t particularly care for this scenario but I think teams are going to be able to play hardball with the Vikings to get the cost down. What is everyone’s thoughts on this?

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