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Playing loose and free is the Pittsburgh Steelers key of the week

When you have nothing to lose you might as well do whatever it takes to win.

NFL: DEC 26 Steelers at Chiefs Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the 2021 NFL playoffs, and the Pittsburgh Steelers made it. Wait, the Pittsburgh Steelers made it? They aren’t even supposed to be here! Considering how the mainstream sports media and betting lines are talking the Steelers are pretty much just a ‘bye week’ for Kansas City. Heck, Nick Wright, on First Things First, believes the Chiefs getting to play the Steelers this week is ‘better than a bye’. The Steelers are such underdogs that some of the worst sports takes I’ve ever seen/heard are coming out of the woodwork. But this is perfect, no team in NFL history has ever had less pressure to win a game.

Think about it, if the Steelers lose on Sunday no one will bat an eye. Nobody will be calling for any of the Steelers personnel jobs, other than the regular crowd., really nothing new that’s negative will be lumped onto this team if they lose. This makes the Steelers extremely dangerous, they can make all the aggressive play calls they want. Seriously, there’s nothing stopping the Steelers from running trick plays, surprise onside kicks, or going for any fourth down situation. The Steelers won’t be chastised for anything they try to do, unless they don’t try anything bold at all. The announcers, and fans alike, would applaud the Steelers hyper aggression because simply what else do they have to lose? And why shouldn’t they try anything to win?

Let’s put it another way, if the Steelers lose on Sunday the storylines will read ‘‘Well it was nice they made it.” But if the Steelers win, people will be decreeing this game as the biggest upset in NFL history. Kansas City Chiefs fans would be calling for everyone’s heads within the organization. The Steelers really are in the perfect place as a playoff underdog. No one player on the Steelers roster should have any nerves, because, once again, they aren’t even supposed to be here.

If the score is close entering the fourth quarter the pressure on the Chiefs will multiply tenfold as the doubt of being able to defeat such an inferior opponent will grow. If this game is within a score in the fourth quarter I would honestly begin to think the Steelers will win. Kansas City will be expected to win this game by double digits, so if it’s not a lopsided affair the seeds of doubt will definitely start to creep in.

But what do you think? Does the lack of pressure on the Steelers make them a threat to knock off one of the Super Bowl favorites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.