Steeler Magic

Monday January 10th, 9am

I am not a writer or anything like that. I just thought how did this happen and put this down. Hope you enjoy.

The Pittsburg Steelers needing magic on December 23rd, 1972, the last play of a playoff game on a cold wet day in Pittsburg against the Oakland Raiders. This was the moment that fate tied these two franchises together. A fate that has given the NFL a rivalry like no other, the nastiest, hard hitting, grittiest, last man standing games between the Steelers and Raiders, for 5 consecutive seasons in the 70s they played playoff games of meaning. These games created a mystical hora between these two franchises while fighting on and off (court room) the field. The great names in this rivalry Mean Joe Green, Otis Sistrunk, Terry Bradshaw, Kenny "the snake" Stabler, Mel Blount, Cliff Branch, Franco Harris, Jack Tatum, "The Chief" Art Rooney and Al Davis "just win baby", the names go on and on like a fairy tale in this rivalry of the 70s. The Steelers and Raiders fierce battles forged a magic that vibes in the football winds between these two teams. This magic was sparked that fateful day, December 23rd, 1972 when the Blonde Bomber (Terry Bradshaw) passed the ball that bounced off of Jack Tatum or off of Frenchie Fuqua and into Franco Harris’s hands before it hit the turf or off the turf and produced the greatest most magical play in Pro Football history and thus the magic was cemented between these two teams.

This mystical vibe flowing in the NFL winds of destiny between the Steelers and Raiders once again was conjured up when the Chargers head Coach called a timeout for no apparent reason allowing the Raiders to kick a field goal to win a game that sent not only the Raiders to the playoffs but the Steelers too. Only the magical mystery flowing between these two teams would allow for this to happen. Both the Chargers Coach and the Raiders Coach had no control of the circumstances, this was football magic flowing in the winds, like Tinker Bell sprinkling magic dust of destiny. The Immaculate Reception is still pouring out its mystical gifts.


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