The 80’s and 90’s; Remembering the 20 years between Bradshaw and Ben.

In order chronological order:

1. Cliff Stoudt

2. Mark Malone

3. David Woodley

4. Scott Campbell

5. Bubby Brister

6. Steve Bono

7. Todd Blackledge

8. Neil O'Donnell

9. Mike Tomczak

10. Jim Miller

11. Kordell Stewart

12. Kent Graham

13. Tommy Maddox

Even a good fan would struggle to get 50% of this list right. But, It wasn’t all bad. We said goodbye to Three Rivers and hello to Heinz Field. There was a very winnable Super Bowl, 5 AFC Championship games (4 at home) and a very formidable list of QB opponents in the likes of Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, John Elway, Troy Aikman, and a young Tom Brady. Neil was so accurate until he wasn’t. Bubby gave us hope. Slash and Tommy Gun showed some sparks. All in all we had a team worth cheering for but one that left us wanting/needing more.

We watched the 49ers and Cowboys create dynasties while ours became memorialized by the voice of John Facenda. Football changed and we changed QBs like a sad game of musical chairs. Unfortunately, the music was way better than the football.

Now, we have to buckle down, run to the store and load up on staples like OL and DL and prepare for a long storm of QB uncertainty. We have to be prepared for life after Ben and long gap before the next guy . I just hope the music is decent.

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