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Raiders at Bengals: Saturday Wild Card Open Game Thread

Wildcard weekend kickoff edition.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals Set Number: X163870 TK1

Raiders (10-7) at Bengals (10-7)

It appears that the Chargers shot themselves in the foot last Sunday night, by calling a timeout late in OT. It sounds like the Raiders were willing to settle for a tie until then. During the time out, they changed the play and gained enough yards for a FG try as time expired. Hitting that, they not only advanced, they changed opponents from the Chiefs to the Bengals. And even more importantly opened the door for our Steelers to get into the dance.

The Bengals have looked as good or better than anyone lately, minus the final game of backup players. I don’t remember the last time the Bengals won a playoff game, but today I think they get another notch on their playoff belts.

An excellent way to get a jump on the weekend’s NFL action comment thread.