If we win the superbowl this year, I'll get a Steelers tattoo on my ass

Years ago, in the run up to one of the last two SB wins (I forget which now), I was watching games with a bunch of yinzer transplants in Salt Lake City. It was a great crew, we'd all gather at one guy's house, every week make some Pittsburgh food (Primanti's sandwiches, kielbasa), drink too much, and yell at the TV together. At some point during the year when the team was under performing, our buddy Kurt yelled, in a fit of frustration, "*!&@^, IF THEY WIN THE !)(@&ING SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR, I'LL GET A STEELERS TATTOO ON MY ASS!!!"

Well guess what. Kurt's got the hypocycloids on his ass forevermore.

I am not a tattoo guy. I have no tattoos, and have never considered getting one. So let me do my part to bring home #7 for #7, and throw down the gauntlet to my team now, while it looks most unlikely: If they win the superbowl this year, I will get a Steelers tattoo on my ass. And don't you worry --- if this goes down, I will post photographic proof. Tastefully cropped, of course.


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