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Steelers vs. Chiefs, Wild Card Round: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Chiefs

The staff at BTSC share their thoughts and predict the outcome of the Steelers game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card Round of the AFC Playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The 2021 regular season is over, it’s time for the playoffs, with the Pittsburgh Steelers traveling to Kansas City to play the Chiefs, last year’s runner-up in the Super Bowl. While the Steelers get ready for their Wild Card Round matchup, it is time for the BTSC staff to put on their prognostication hats and guess the winner of the contest.

Who will get closest? We will be keeping tabs, so let’s get the picks. Check out the staff picks below, and even a pick from an enemy guest!

Jeff Hartman

The Pittsburgh Steelers are double-digit underdogs in this playoff game, and they haven’t won a playoff game since 2017. They also haven’t lost a game since the Week 16 loss to the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Whatever it is, I think the Steelers will keep this game close and have a chance at the end of the game. Getting 12.5-points? Hammer the Steelers getting those points all day, but I’ll take more. In fact, I’m calling a Christopher Lynn Boswell game-winning field goal to cap off a tremendous Ben Roethlisberger game-winning drive.

Pick: Steelers 23, Chiefs 21

Dave Schofield

This isn’t supposed to be happening. The Steelers aren’t supposed to be in the playoffs, and we are not supposed to be posting an article about who we pick in the game. This is all bonus. And if I’m given an extra chance in life, I’m not wasting it on a pick that doesn’t bring me joy. Go Steelers!

Pick: Steelers 24, Chiefs 23

Bryan Anthony Davis

On February 11, 1980, a juggernaut hockey team sporting red, white and gold destroyed a much younger squad of college players in an exhibition game at Madison Square Garden by the score of 10-3. In hockey, that’s and embarrassment of epic proportions. A mere 11 days later, the U.S. Hockey Team avenged that loss in the Olympic semifinals Al Michaels calling the game on national television. Three weeks ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered an equally dreadful 36-10 defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, a juggernaut team wearing red, white and gold. Could the Steelers rebound in the postseason? Al Michaels is calling the game. I believe in miracles.

Pick: Steelers 23, Chiefs 21

K.T. Smith

The Steelers have done wonderfully to get to the playoffs. The past two weeks, with Ben’s rousing home finale against Cleveland and the stirring OT win at Baltimore, wrote a wonderful final chapter to his career. It would be wonderful to keep it going. The Steelers will give it a good run. But in the end, they’re too incomplete, and the Chiefs are too good, for this to become a fairy tale. Ben’s career ends here, and when it does, we should all stand and applaud.

Pick: Chiefs 31, Steelers 17

Geoffrey Benedict

Is it likely that the Steelers will win this game, no. The odds are heavily against them. But I don’t care, I’m going to pick them anyway because I’m all in on this team and their improbable run to the playoffs.

Pick: Steelers 24, Chiefs 20

Rich Schofield (Big Bro Scho)

I stated into the Scho Bro Show on Tuesday that the way the Steelers could win this game would be to ugly it up. I have since seen others in the media say basically the same thing. The one thing I think the Steelers could do is ugly up the game and keep it low scoring. Ugly game and the Steelers shock the world.

Pick: Steelers 19, Chiefs 17

Shannon White

There are two important differences from the previous Chiefs beat down of the Steelers during the regular season. Actually, there are three now. First off, T.J. Watt isn't dealing with injured ribs, which limited his effectiveness last time these two teams matched up. Secondly, the Steelers offensive line has shown slight improvement over the past couple of games. Mainly due to LG John Leglue and C J.C. Hassenauer simply understanding and fulfilling their assignments, which has solidified the group. Lastly, WR JuJu Smith Schuster is scheduled to make his triumphant return from surgery on a shoulder injury in a miraculously short amount of time. Will these developments be enough to help keep the Steelers competitive and within striking distance against the more talented and explosive Kansas City Chiefs? Who knows, but it definitely couldn't hurt.

Pick: Steelers 21, Chiefs 20

Andrew Wilbar

I do not expect JuJu Smith-Schuster to have a big game statistically, but his presence alone will be a comfort to Ben Roethlisberger and a dose of anxiety for the Chiefs defense. The presence of yet another dangerous weapon at the receiver position will be a lot for the Kansas City secondary to handle. Although the numbers say the Steelers have no chance, I expect Ben Roethlisberger to go out swinging, taking plenty of shots against this susceptible secondary. We’ve seen crazier things in the playoffs before, so why can’t this happen?

Pick: Steelers 27, Chiefs 23

Matty Peverell

Here we go Steekers, here we go! It’s time for the Steelers to continue to shock the rest of the league and send Mahomes into a tail spin, and the kind that may be some sort of victory Tik Tok dance with his brother and wife. It’s time for the Steelers to play true complimentary football, the defense to turn up the heat on Mahomes, and look out for an offense sparked by Pat Freiermuth, who wasn’t there last time these two teams played, plus JuJu Smith-Schuster too. Head says Chiefs, heart says Steelers, as always going with my black and gold heart.

Pick: Steelers 22, Chiefs 20

Mark Davison

Fourteen teams remain In the chase to hoist the Lombardi trophy. While some NFL fans and Pittsburgh Steeler fans would rather the team miss the playoffs than watch an embarrassing loss versus Kansas City. The game has not been played yet and both teams start at 0-0. The Steelers have A chance In the dance so put all the negative vibes to one side and let’s boogie.

Pick: Steelers 26, Chiefs 24

Anthony Defeo

I think the Steelers will put on a better show than they did the day after Christmas. JuJu is back. T.J. Watt is back to his old self. The team will be motivated to win this one for Ben Roethlisberger. That said, unfortunately, it won't be enough.

Pick: Chiefs 31, Steelers 20

What is your prediction? Let us know in the comment section below, and feel free to tell the contributors above why they are dead wrong, or spot on!