Thanks Ben. You’ll be missed. With that what’s in store for the Burgh?

I want to first say thank you Ben. My kids grew up watching you under center. One of my sons loved you enough to wear your number as he played QB for his team. I will truly miss you. Steeler games will not feel the same. As a diehard fan I now turn my attention to our future.

I must put out this disclaimer. I don’t know exact numbers so my figures may be off by a little but I don’t believe they are off by much. Here goes:

The good news is we have 41 million dollars in cap space going into next year. The bad news is we have 22 guys that were currently under contract that will no longer be under contract. That is a lot of positions to fill. While many of those spots will be filled with vet minimum players and the rookie class it won’t leave us with a lot of room to shop for the big free agents. With guys like Ben, Juju, Edmonds and Haden not under contract we have some important pieces who won’t be on the team next year or we will be spending a lot of that money to resign those worthy. I am going to attempt to figure out the real number to sign an outside free agent or two that could help. First we have the rookie class. Maybe 8 million will go to those 7 guys. (15 spots left to fill). Bring back some of those 22 on vet minimum. In this league it’s funny money when it comes to the cap so they won’t impact the cap much at all. (8 spots to fill and 33 million to do it with. Edmonds signs with us for 4 years and 25 million. Cap hit this year roughly 4 million. 29 million left and 7 players to go. Haden wants to much and is at that age where it’s not a good move. He finds work elsewhere. Juju moves on as well. With Tuitt still MIA we make sure to sign Adam’s for depth and possibly to start. 2 years 8 million. 3.5 million cap hit. 25.5 million left and 6 players to go. Witherspoon showed enough to make him a restricted free agent and we get a one year 3 million dollar deal done. 22.5 million left and five players to go. Not enough to sign a good QB let alone an elite one. We instead add two good offensive linemen letting both Turner and Okafor walk. Those signings eat up most of our money leaving us with only enough to sign minor deals to fill out the roster. We are rolling into next year with Mason as our QB folks. Now we will get to see how important Ben was to our team. Next year we finish at 6-11 giving us a reasonable shot at a franchise QB in the draft. This leads me to my next thought. What if we trade away our first round pick and next years fourth for the other teams next years first and this years second? Trading power to really get the QB we want next year? We aren’t winning a Super Bowl for a while so why not give yourselves a real shot at getting that franchise QB? Thoughts?

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