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Cardinals at Rams: Wild Card Weekend Monday Night Football Open thread

Inaugural Monday Night Playoff edition.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals (11-6) at Rams (12-5)

My only problem with this game is that two of the three NFC teams I could stand to win the SB have to play each other the first playoff weekend. I’d prefer the last.

I don’t think the Rams can play well enough for enough games in a row to make the NFCC. They had a pretty easy schedule, and were inconsistent against the better teams they played.

The Cardinals look like a team that can go on a run, though losing to the Seahawks last week certainly gives me pause.

I suspect these teams go as far as their QB’s take them. My money is on Murphy over Stafford.

Last chance to hang out with in a fellow Steelers fans open comment section of this NFL week.