The QB Question

The QB Question

The season is over in Steeler land and as we say goodbye to Big Ben we must look into what this team needs to get back to the playoffs and stay competitive and get that 7th super bowl.

First and foremost the most important position needs to be addressed. Do the Steelers go with Mason Rudolph while they rebuild the line? Can he guide the Steelers to a successful season or seasons? Can he become a leader and rise to be a stud QB? Do the Steelers go hit the market?

Russel Wilson is going to be available. He fits the mode, in my opinion of a Steelers QB. With Wilson and hopefully a new offensive coordinator a few years of playoff runs is possible.

The draft option has a few candidates but this is risky because draft picks do not always pan out and leads to years of misery.

Then there is the surefire winner in Aaron Rodgers. This would be the pick if it’s really possible and I will leave it at that because it might be a pipe dream.

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