My Fix for 2022 Season

There was no way in the hell the 2021 Steelers were going to do anything with a sucky OL and a 39 year old QB. It was a miracle that the Steelers were over .500 and even made the playoff. My proposal for 2022 is as follows:

1) MT needs to be HC only. MT needs to hire OC/DC who can have their own authority and let them run the show. No more co-DC nonsense.

2) Fire Matt Canada like yesterday. It really irritated me all season long on his stupidity to put RayRay on outside route time after time. Fire him and bring in Joe Brady to be a new OC. The Steelers need fresh ideas and scheme.

3) When Keith Butler retires, don't just promote Terryl Austin. I would rather have an outside person with fresh ideas to run our defense.

4) Don't just bet on MR or Haskin to be your QB. If necessary, just let both of them walk if you don't think they can be competitive. I would consider Trubisky as he has starting experience as well as he is more mobile than MR.

5) Fix OL/DL. Send Green to Pouncey's house and let him live there for 5 months and learn the center position while getting stronger. If Green doesn't seem to work, then move away from him. Trying Leglue as C might not be a bad idea as he has a much bigger frame and C experience at Tulane. The Steelers must upgrade both OL/DL via high draft picks and FA signings. The Steelers have too long relied on middle round draft picks and the result shows that it does not work. The DL situation is somewhat different as Tuitt and Alualu return can affect the chemistry. Let them decide what they want to do right away.

6) ILB. We are stuck with Bush for one more year. As for Schobert, he will be brought back only if his cap figure is lowered. If not, consider someone like Leighton Vander Esch who can stuff the run better than either of them.

6) CB/S. Bring back Edmunds and Witherspoon if the price is right. As for Haden, don't re-sign him. Our starting CB for next year would be FA signing - Witherspoon - Sutton (slot). Someone like JC Jackson would work as Haden's replacement. The Steelers need to re-sign Minkah period.

7) WR. Let JuJu and JW walk. Re-sign Diontae to #1.5 WR money. Need to bring in FAs such as Michael Gallup or someone who runs precise routes. Would probably re-sign RayRay.

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