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NFL Week 17: Late game news and open thread

Future FanPost edition.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Texans (4-11) at 49ers (8-7)

The Texans currently hold the 5th pick next spring, winning either of their next two could move them out of contention for a desperately needed QB. The good news is their last two opponents (Titans) are playoff teams fighting for positions.

The 49ers hold the 6th NFC playoff spot and could move up to five or down to eleven, depending on how the bunch performs and they do this week and at against the Rams.

Broncos (7-8) at Chargers (8-7)

The Broncos could get to (9-8), but being the 11th place team in the AFC, they probably don’t have the tiebreakers for a victory here or next week vs the Chiefs to actually make the playoffs.

The Chargers started today at 8th, and a real opportunity here and next week at Las Vegas to move up into the playoffs.

Panthers (5-10) at Saints (7-8)

The Panthers are the top team already eliminated and get to travel to Tampa next week.

The Saints are part of the crowd fighting for two playoff spots, or were to start today. No telling if this or next weeks game at Atlanta are for more than draft position until Sunday afternoon.

Lions (2-12-1) at Seahawks (5-10)

The Lions currently would get the 2nd pick, but seem determined to move higher. Today’s looks to be their last chance with the Packers coming to town next week.

The Seahawks could pick anywhere from 3 to 15 next season and going to Arizona to finish next week should keep them from moving too high.

Cardinals (10-5) at Cowboys (11-4)

The Cardinals can’t take the #1 spot due to a loss to the Packers, #2 is in range and a win here and next week vs the Seahawks could give them a chance to pass the Rams for 1st in the NFCW.

The Cowboys are still in contention for #1 in the NFC and travel to Philadelphia next week.

Let’s sit back and enjoy some late games and conversation with fellow Steelers fans.