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Bills at Chiefs: NFL Divisional Playoff Late Sunday Open Thread

Not quite Sunday Night edition.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Bill (11-6) at Chiefs (12-5)

The Bills looked unstoppable last weekend while completely dominating the (10-7) Patriots*. Somehow the Patriots* didn’t appear to be prepared to play last Saturday. Could it be their coach didn’t have them prepared? Somehow I doubt that’s actually a thing. But the Bills scored at will, and the only thing that stopped them, was the game clock running down after 60 minutes.

I don’t remember much about how the Chiefs advanced to this point. I vaguely remember TJ and Cam combining for a strip sack score for a 7-0 lead, but after that my memory seems to fade a bit. I guess it’s age related. But here they are and this should be a barn burner of a match.

I can’t say I care to much who wins this one, though I’ll probably be pulling for the Bills.

Let’s sit back and enjoy a late game and conversation with fellow Steelers fans.