Homer sez stop fixating on QB

NFL Football is a game of attrition. Especially now with the 17 game season. The bottom half of the Steelers' roster used to be arguably the best in the NFL. Now, it's clearly not varsity level. Spend the free agent money and the key draft picks to rebuild the trenches. If you can't protect the quarterback, why spend big bucks for one 'cause he's gonna get broken anyway? And if you can't open holes for a great running back, he's not gonna have great running back performances. In fact, if you don't have even a half-way decent offensive line, you're not going anywhere. And your defense will be sucking wind because the O won't be able to win time of possession. Every. Damned. Week.

(At this point, Homer invokes the Jerry Rice rule: no matter what you need, if Jerry Rice is available when your turn comes up, draft him. If some great QB somehow falls to when the Steelers pick, refer to the Jerry Rice rule and the Dan Marino corollary. But don't expect that to happen.)

If you don't have a decent defensive line and decent inside linebackers, you're not going to be able to stop the run. And if you can't stop the run, you're going to have teams score 40 points on you, even with two legit all-pros on your D.

Homer says spend the available cap money and draft picks to rebuild the trenches and the middle of the defense. And depth really matters.

As far as Aaron Rodgers is concerned, there are far better uses for the money and for Mike Tomlin's time. Tomlin has dealt with too many prima donnas and distractions in recent years. Having to babysit AB, Bell, and Ingram, Tomlin's job has been like that of an overworked proctologist: day after day, year after year, too many assholes. Rodgers can take his salary demands, COVID toe, and COVID brain elsewhere.

This is no time for a half-assed rebuild. It is time to rebuild the foundation upon which all championship teams must be built.

Rebuild the OL and the gut of the D including ILB first.

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