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Details show it will be extremely unlikely the Steelers land a big-name QB

The Pittsburgh Steelers need help at the QB position, but fans shouldn’t hold out hope they acquire a big-name signal caller this offseason.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The expected retirement of Ben Roethlisberger has resulted in the Pittsburgh Steelers looking closely at the quarterback position this offseason. When I say the organization will be looking closely at the position, it should be in every possible way.

Through the 2022 NFL Draft.

Through Free Agency.

Even via trade.

This offseason, maybe more than any other in recent memory, the list of quarterbacks who could be on the move is long and filled with big names. These can be tantalizing for the fan base. When you think about an Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson wearing the black-and-gold it can make the most sane person want to sell the farm to make it happen.

But when you look at the details to acquire any number of big-name quarterbacks this offseason, it becomes extremely unlikely the Steelers land one of these big fish.

Why? First, they don’t have the draft capital. To acquire many of the quarterbacks below, it would take surrendering multiple first round picks. For a team like the Steelers, with gaping holes on both sides of the line, they can’t afford to make a move like this. Second, do the Steelers really want to utilize the vast majority of their salary cap space towards one position? For the first time under Mike Tomlin the Steelers will have a great deal of cap space this offseason. They’ll need every penny to address the many team needs on the roster.

Let’s take a look at the details of several big-name quarterbacks, and why the Steelers won’t likely be players in these sweepstakes:

Aaron Rodgers

Despite the Packers’ cap situation, Rodgers remains under contract for 2022. This means unless Rodgers is given his outright release, which is highly unlikely, a trade would be the only way to acquire the NFL MVP. Just imagine what that trade would have to look like for Rodgers to leave Green Bay. On top of that, he said he doesn’t want to be a part of a rebuild. Guess what the Steelers are going through? You guessed it...a rebuild.

Odds: Highly unlikely

Russell Wilson

Again, like Rodgers, Wilson is under contract for the 2022 season. This makes acquiring a player of his caliber almost impossible for the Steelers. Unless you are okay with shipping multiple first round picks to Seattle for him, this deal is one which would never get off the ground. On top of that, any talk of wanting out of Seattle very well could be nothing more than a ploy to to get a new deal done with the Seahawks.

Odds: Highly unlikely

Derek Carr

While Carr too is still under contract for the 2022 season, his situation is certainly different considering the changes taking place in Las Vegas. The Raiders have already fired their General Manager Mike Mayock, and haven’t agreed on their next head coach for 2022. Carr’s future could be based on who fills those positions. Carr is due an extension to his current contract, and at 30 he is still in the prime of his career. However, the Raiders will want to capitalize on Carr’s 2021 success if they choose to trade him elsewhere.

If the Steelers could pull off a trade for a quarterback, the Raiders might be willing to listen. If only Mayock was still the GM...

Odds: Doubtful, but you never know

Kirk Cousins

While many reading this wouldn’t want Cousins if it it were highly likely, the fact Cousins is due $35 million guaranteed next season will make moving the quarterback more difficult. Unless the Vikings choose to eat some of that salary, which why would they, it is unlikely Cousins leaves Minnesota. That $35 million dollar hit is just something the Steelers can’t afford if they want to actually improve the rest of their roster.

Odds: Highly Unlikely

Jimmy Garoppolo

Similar to Cousins, there will be a section of the fan base who wouldn’t want “Jimmy G” even if he were a viable option for the Steelers. Garoppolo is due $24 million in 2022, and while that isn’t a huge hit in today’s standards, you have to weigh the benefits to the team. Could Garoppolo be an upgrade over what the Steelers currently have? Probably, but how much better would Garoppolo be compared to Mason Rudolph with the team’s current offense? Rudolph will have a $4 million dollar cap hit in 2022. Think about improving the rest of the roster and weighing the benefits of bringing in a player like Garoppolo.

Odds: Doubtful, but you never know

There are other quarterbacks whose names have been tossed around as potential targets for teams looking for a quarterback. Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan and even a player like Tua Tagovailoa have all had their names placed in the hopper of quarterbacks potentially on the move.

But if you haven’t figured it out yet, the Steelers are highly unlikely to be in the running for any of these big-name quarterbacks. Instead, if the Steelers are in the market for quarterback help, look for them to target players who are Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs) and just want a shot to compete for a starting job.

Some names to consider, and will be a focus in an upcoming article:

Teddy Bridgewater
Marcus Mariota
Jacoby Brissett
Tyrod Taylor
Jameis Winston
Mitchell Trubisky

When you look at the Steelers from a global perspective, their roster needs a massive amount of help at other positions, not just the quarterback position. Giving up valuable cap space, and draft capital, to acquire one of these big name signal callers is not the way for the team to rebuild themselves. Instead, it would likely plunge the organization further into mediocrity.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for the offseason.