The QB of the Future

Everyone is talking about how you need a superstar QB to be a contender in the league. Others say we're not going to be contenders with our roster regardless, and it would be stupid to bring in a guy like Aaron Rodgers, who would be wasted in this roster, as well as costing us the resources needed to effectively rebuild.

What I say, is that if you're not putting a star QB on the field, you're not even trying to win. QB's trump everything. It's just a given. The team with the best QB wins, always. That's how you can tell who the best QB in history is, just look at who has the most wins. That means, you do what you have to do to get the QB you need, then fill in around with whatever else you can. It doesn't really matter if you have a good QB because the rest of the team is really just window dressing.

To show you this more clearly and prove I'm not just making stuff up, let's make it practical with who the Steelers should get. Like I said we need a proven winner, an elite QB who is capable of outdueling these young QB's like Allen and Mahomes. If you're not a Super Bowl MVP, I don't want you. You know the kind of guy I'm talking about; a guy like Joe Flacco. What? Ok. I know a lot of you will object to this, and to be honest I can't really stomach the idea of a former Raven at QB for the Steelers either. So let's cross him off the list. Instead, how about the great Nick Foles? Obviously, you're looking of probably having to trade away some serious draft capitol in the form of a 6th round pick, and you have to find a way to take on all of his $4 million salary, but like I said, you have to do what you have to do to have a chance at winning in this league.

OK, so in case you didn't notice, everything up to here was incredibly sarcastic. Although the QB is very important for sure, there are teams that have shown you can win without a great one. The 49'ers with Jimmy G. and to a lesser extent the Titans with Tannehill could be added to that list. In fact, the Buc's and Tom Brady could be added to that list, as Brady in 2021 was far from being one of the top QB's in the league. Peyton Manning certainly wasn't when he won with the Broncos. The Steelers didn't draft Najee Harris in the 1st round just to go and throw the ball 40 times every game either. We do indeed need a good starting QB, and just a top 15 QB is hard enough to find, so let's focus on that and not worry about having to find an elite top 5 in the league QB.

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