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Raiders interviewed Steelers Pro Scouting Coordinator Brandon Hunt for GM position

The Pittsburgh Steelers top two GM candidates to replace Kevin Colbert one day are getting attention with other teams.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not sure what is to come of current General Manager (GM) Kevin Colbert after the 2022 NFL Draft. The long-time GM’s contract runs through the draft, and he has been on a year-to-year contract basis for some time now. Towards the end of the 2021 regular season speculative reports suggested Colbert could be stepping down after this upcoming draft.

Despite other outlets declaring this news to be false, many have long suspected the organization has two built-in candidates to replace Colbert if/when he steps down. One would be the Steelers’ salary cap guru Omar Kham, and the other would be Pro Scouting Coordinator Brandon Hunt.

Already this offseason Khan has been on interviews for GM openings, and now Hunt has been on the job search as well, this for the Las Vegas Raiders’ vacant GM position after they relieved Mike Mayock of his duties after the season ended.

This per Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network:

When you see both Khan and Hunt drawing attention from other NFL teams, it leaves fans wondering whether the organization is expecting Colbert to leave, or if they even know. For instance, if Colbert had told Art Rooney II and Mike Tomlin this draft would be his last, you would expect the organization to act in a way which would keep prospective candidates for the job, like Khan and Hunt, from hitting the “open market”.

For those who don’t know, Hunt has been the Pro Scouting Coordinator for the Steelers since 2010 when he replaced Doug Whaley who took the job as Assistant General Managers with the Buffalo Bills.

Khan didn’t get the job with the Chicago Bears, and it seems fans will have to wait to see how things go with Hunt and the Raiders in the coming days. With that said, be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they press on throughout the offseason.