CB vs. OL

For starters, let me say we need to build up the OL and I hope we get a really good RT in free agency and a center with our first round pick (although it would also be nice if Pickett would be the Marino that could've been, but I digress). I just wanted to float the idea, though, that maybe OL isn't actually our biggest need in free agency.

The thing is, as I've alluded, we can draft an OL. We can't draft CB's. CB's we draft stink. It's sad, but there's no use denying and we might as well face it like men and go get our CB's in free agency.

The other thing is, no matter how good our OL rebuild is we're still not going to be winning games in shootouts. Even if we get Pickett and he's the next Marino, our WR corps is no longer inspiring the faith it once did and in fact could now be considered a need (which in this context at least raises the question, can you think of anything that would fit a Matt Canada offense more than RB/WR Cordarelle Patterson? But I digress). This is a team that will need our defense to be great.

The thing about upgrading our CB's is this creates a synergistic, force multiplying effect. TJ Watt becomes even more lethal when QB's can't get rid of the ball quickly, and his relentless effort starts ringing up more forced fumbles. Also, with CB's that can cover one on one, guess where Fitzpatrick is going to be? Go on, guess. Opposing QB's will have to guess too because he won't be tied down to deep coverage to protect his speed-deficient CB's. It also works the other way, where the players we already have allow us to get the most out of an investment in an elite CB; he can play tight, jump routes, and make plays because he knows that our pass rush and safety play can cover him if he makes a mistake.

I'd be willing to keep Witherspoon and hope he continues to improve if the coaches are convinced he's not a liability in run support, but I'd let Haden go and make every effort to add a real CB1 type guy like JC Jackson to replace him. Folks have talked about how it's a QB driven league with guys like Mahomes and Allen and how you need a QB who can compete with them, but what folks aren't talking about is the value of CB's who can compete with them. If you can put together a tandem like the Jags did a few years ago in Bouye and Ramsey, with a pass rush like we've already got, that will make any QB and offensive coordinator nervous, and I think that's our course in free agency this year.

CB in free agency, OL in free agency and draft. Oh, and I wouldn't mind somehow as some point getting another Lawrence Timmons, but again I digress!

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