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Najee Harris hints at hoping the organization brings in a veteran QB

In an interview Harris listed three quarterbacks he would hope the Steelers could acquire

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Najee Harris went on the air this week to talk about the season, and his own experiences. One of the big talking points players/fans/media will face all offseason long is what they want the Steelers to do at the quarterback position, following the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger. Some veteran players, like T.J. Watt on the Pat McAfee show, have already been asked this question, but danced around it not actually giving names. But Harris, as a rookie. gave out a little more information of his personal beliefs than he probably should have. In fact, he gave three names, none of which were players on the Steelers’ current roster.

Harris list involved all players to be rumored on the trade block, so he is in the know what players are actually available. The list of names shared by Harris included Texans hold out Deshaun Watson, likely back-to-back MVP Aaron Rodgers, and possible Super Bowl participant Jimmy Garoppolo. Harris also stated he believes the team wants to rally behind someone that is a workaholic and someone willing to put the time in both on and off the field. Harris also mentioned that he wants someone on this team that wants to win as bad as he does. These things are all great, and should be music to any Steelers fans ears, but there is still a problem.

The Steelers still employ Mason Rudolph, and are expected to pick up Dwayne Haskins’ Restricted Free Agent (RFA) tender. Najee Harris’ comments would lead me to believe neither of these guys are putting in the level of work Harris is hoping to see from a starting quarterback, or he also doesn't think either guy is talented enough to perform as the main quarterback. The issue here though is the Steelers most likely starter next year is either of those aforementioned quarterbacks. It is also becoming increasingly more likely the Steelers won't be going out to make a big money trade or signing. They could definitely sign a low level player or draft someone, but either situation would be going against the public wishes of a star player.

Could team pressure force the Steelers into making a play for a big quarterback? The answer is probably not as the franchise will not cave to anyone’s demands. But it is worth monitoring if they forgo improving the quarterback spot and if that makes the roster unhappy in their current situation. In an era of mass player movement keeping your roster happy and being an attractive destination for outside unhappy players is the name of the roster building game. Hopefully the Steelers don't end up being a team players don't want to be on anymore...

But what do you think? Is there any cause for concern because of Harris’ comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.