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Aaron Rodgers coming to the Steelers? What we think we know

The possibility of Aaron Rodgers becoming a Steeler: what we know so far.

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In the days and months since the Packers season came to a crashing halt at the hands of the 49ers in an NFC Divisional Round Playoff Game last Saturday, the speculation has been palpable regarding the future of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, especially the speculation about whether or not he’ll be a Pittsburgh Steeler in 2022.

Should the Steelers do whatever they can to acquire this future Hall of Fame quarterback on the heels of the official retirement of their own future Hall of Fame quarterback?

I say, absolutely. Rodgers just won the NFL MVP Award in 2020 and is a good bet to do it again this year.

Yeah, but he’s 38-years old. Do the Steelers want to bring in another aging quarterback for 2022, one who will cost so much?

I don’t care how old Rodgers is, have you seen him play? He’s still performing as well as any quarterback in the league.

True, but he’ll cost the Steelers multiple first-round picks in 2022. And do you think they should spend so much draft capital to bring in an aging quarterback?

Stop saying “aging.” Why do you keep calling Rodgers that?

Because of his birth certificate, that’s why. Also, what about the cap hit the Steelers will take by bringing Rodgers and his $46 million salary here next year?

Look, with some manipulation, the Steelers will only be responsible for $26 million of that next season.

How do you know that?

I’m not sure, exactly, but I’ve heard that.

OK, but the Steelers finally have so much financial relief after being up against the cap all these years. Why would they want to put themselves in the same position they were in with Ben Roethlisberger’s huge salary? I say start over. Besides, I don’t think this team is an Aaron Rodgers away from being a legit Super Bowl contender in 2022.

Are you kidding me? The Steelers would have won like 14 games if they had Rodgers in 2021.

They would have won 14 games with Rodgers AND Henry Mondeaux?

Stop being a jerk.

I’m not being a jerk, I’m just trying to be logical. This team has a lot of holes to fill going into 2022. In addition to filling some holes with outside free agents and the draft, they also have to find a way to sign several of their own free agents. If you bring in Rodgers and his salary—regardless of how much the Steelers will be responsible for in terms of the cap—it’s going to hinder their efforts to improve the team as a whole. And let’s not forget about those multiple first-round picks.

Hey, Rodgers has all the leverage if he wants out of Green Bay, and everyone knows it. All the Steelers could get was a third and a fifth for Antonio Brown when they traded him to the Raiders. I doubt the Steelers will even have to part with a first for Rodgers, especially with his antics as of late.

You really think the situation is the same when comparing a franchise quarterback to a receiver? Even if Rodgers burned every bridge in Green Bay—and I’m talking literally and not the metaphorical way AB did it on his way out of Pittsburgh—the Packers aren’t parting with Rodgers for anything less than two first-round picks. You can take that to the bank.

Wanna bet?


Thought so. Anyway, the quarterback makes all of the difference. You bring in Rodgers, sign a couple of free agents to shore up the line, figure out your identity on offense, get healthy on defense, and the Steelers would be instant contenders again.

I don’t think it’s that simple. Besides, what about all the drama Rodgers would bring to town next year? And even if he was drama-free, why would Rodgers want to come here for 2022? He’s already stated that he doesn’t want to be a part of a rebuild.

Stop saying rebuild. The Steelers don’t rebuild, they reload.

Hey, you and they can call it what you want, but they started four rookies on offense, alone, in 2021. I’d label that a rebuild.

So you’re just going to settle for mediocrity?

I’m not settling for anything. I literally have nothing to do with the process. I just twirl a towel

Look, why wouldn’t Rodgers want to come to the Steelers? They’ve won a lot of championships. They’re a team with high standards. They play in a small but prideful city that demands excellence and is extremely passionate about its football and its football team.

Ummm, Rodgers has spent his entire career in that kind of football relationship and has done nothing but openly disrespect the Packers for the past year.

The Steelers are all about winning Super Bowls. That’s their standard. That’s what they’re about. The Standard is the Standard.

Those are just words, and a lot of teams have high standards. You still have to rebuild every now and then. Why not find your quarterback in the draft? That’s the more traditional way to do it. Take a look at the teams still alive in the AFC. The Chiefs and Bengals both transformed their organizations and changed their fortunes by drafting quarterbacks in the first round of recent drafts. That’s the way to do it.

Oh yeah? What about the two combatants left in the NFC? The 49ers traded for Handsome Jimmy Garoppolo in 2017, while the Rams struck a deal with the Lions to acquire Matt Stafford last March. I’d say that route worked well for both teams.

It sure did.

So, you’re agreeing with me?

No, I’m saying the Steelers could approach this quarterback search in a variety of ways, and you’re leaving out the part where the 49ers and Rams were both a talented quarterback away from being complete teams. I don’t think you can say the same thing about the current Steelers. No, I think it’s best that they go out and find their next quarterback in the 2022 NFL Draft.

If they do that, I’m done.

Really? What if he’s good?

He won’t be.

It doesn’t really matter who the quarterback of this football team is. Until the Steelers get rid of Mike Tomlin, they will always underachieve.

Who asked you?

You know I’m right, but since we’re on the subject of quarterbacks, how about Russell Wilson?