7th seed for #7

and does that mean it will be the 7th SB W as well? Certainly would be a nice story wouldnt it and a ride off into the sunset for #7 and crew. Does the KC vs Pitt blowout from earlier this yr factor into this next game. (yes we have to wait for the SD/LV game to not end in a tie to be official 7th seed but I think pitt is in). the NFL wants a nice Ben vs Patrick matchup next weekend and the passing of the torch type of game OR dare I say it a nice repeat of 2005 season. Now pls everyone steay healthy and pls dont go out in crowds so that you can avoid covid. Just remember during 2005 season we saw many shots of hines crying and folks pleading with the bus to come back 1 more yr and guess what happened. then last yr we saw pouncey and ben shedding a tear together. Will history repeat itself stay tuned.

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