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After Further Review: The Steelers are left with way more questions than answers after Week 5

With the dust settled on the Week 5 debacle in Buffalo, it’s time to take a reflective look at the loss vs. the Bills.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers were embarrassed on Sunday when the Buffalo Bills beat them down 38-3 in Week 5. Following the game there were plenty of knee jerk reactions to appease the team’s global fan base. But what I thought I’d do this week, and maybe again moving forward, was to take a more level-headed approach after the dust settled on the game.

No emotions, just thoughts as the Steelers turn their attention to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6. Here is my “after further review” from the Steelers Week 5 loss:

This loss falls on the entire organization. Yes, the organization.

There are a lot of people who want to play the blame game after a loss like the 38-3 beatdown the Steelers experienced in Buffalo. If you want to place blame, make sure you are sharing the wealth.

There should be blame placed on all levels, for multiple reason.

  • Blame the scouting/personnel department for the unbelievable lack of depth on this roster.
  • Blame the coaching staff, from top to bottom, for the lack of detail in the game.
  • Blame the players for not being able to go out and make plays when it mattered the most.

To me, you can’t just pick one over the other. This was an organizational loss if I’ve ever seen one.

What’s up with Najee?

I’m officially putting an All Points Bulletin out for Najee Harris. Maybe Harris is hurt? Maybe his style doesn’t mesh with the offensive line? Whatever the reason, the Steelers offense looks extremely odd when they give Harris the football in any fashion. To counter that, Jaylen Warren is running like a man possessed.

At this point, the Steelers should be brutally honest when it comes to Harris and his health/usage.

If he’s hurt, rest him and get him right. If it’s a schematic/play calling issue, it’s time to maximize his potential by adjusting those facets of the offense.

Warren has been great, and he has earned carries, but if the Steelers offense can get Harris rolling too, you might actually see it become a threat to score points.

The offensive issue isn’t Kenny Pickett

Let’s make something clear — Pickett is not having a Ben Roethlisberger rookie season. In 2004 Roethlisberger took over an offense with a dominant offensive line and tremendous running game. This is not the same situation Pickett finds himself in.

With that said, I didn’t feel like Pickett looked like a rookie in his first career start. No, he wasn’t perfect, but there are bigger issues on this offense than their rookie quarterback...let than sink in.

Where do they go from here?

Things can’t get worse than they did on Sunday in Buffalo, right? Let’s pray that isn’t possible...

This shouldn’t have been a wake up call

There are some fans who are saying how they feel this Week 5 loss could serve as a wake up call for the team. My thought is if after losing 3 straight games, how would it be the 4th is the one which gets your attention? If you need to lose games, and four in a row at that, to motivate you, there are bigger issues at hand.

Good for Arthur Maulet

In case you didn’t read/hear, Arthur Maulet was seen going off on some of his teammates who were laughing and joking during the team’s 35-point deficit Sunday. I say good for Maulet for stepping in and saying something. For someone who has bounced around the league, you can’t expect him to take one day in the league for granted. No one said who wasn’t taking the loss seriously, but good for Maulet for saying something.

Let’s give the Bills credit too

Throughout all of the craziness in Week 6, it is important Steelers fans also realize how good the Bills are this season. They are a top ranked in a lot of areas, both offensively and defensively. Should the Steelers have put up more of a fight? Absolutely, but let’s also give credit where credit is due — the Bills are a really good football team.

So, after further review, the Steelers are in a really bad place right now. Will they bounce back vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday at Acrisure Stadium? Let’s hope for this’s also under review.