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The constantly aggrieved Steelers fan may be more insufferable than ever in 2022

Man, if you thought it was tough to be around the constantly aggrieved Steelers fan in 2017, that person is probably insufferable in 2022.

New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

It’s May, and you’re going about your business. Maybe the Penguins are in the middle of a heated and exciting playoff series. Heck, perhaps even the Pirates have gotten off to a pleasant start.

At any rate, it is May, which means it’s spring; winter is no longer even in the rearview mirror, and summer is just over the horizon. It’s a happy time for everyone....except for the constantly aggrieved Steelers fan.

That person is on Twitter, in the lovely month of May, complaining about something that happened with his or her “favorite” football team in January....of 2016.

Not only is this Steelers “fan” complaining about something that happened with his or her “favorite” football team in January of 2016, but he or she is also acting as if this thing—more than likely a playoff loss—happened to them personally.

That’s right, I am using this space to call out the constantly aggrieved Steelers fan, not because I think the organization is above criticism, but because I am curious to know what the constantly aggrieved Steelers fan wants out of life. It’s one thing to call for changes right now; the Steelers have lost four out of five games to begin the 2022 campaign and have an overall record of 11-15-1 since the 11-0 start to the 2020 regular season.

It’s quite another to call for changes after a 13-3 season or one that ends with a loss in the AFC title game.

It’s one thing to be critical of a team and its coach and quite another to be on a constant crusade to get a coach fired. No, not just Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin—although, he is a popular target for the constantly aggrieved Steelers fan. I’m talking about both coordinators. I’m talking about the position coaches. I’m talking about the special teams coordinator.

Heck, you may even want to see the general manager get a pink slip.

The constantly aggrieved Steelers fan usually talks about Art Rooney II, the team’s majority owner, as if he’s a politician who must answer to the people or be voted out of office.

The constantly aggrieved Steelers fan talks about the team’s lack of playoff wins since January of 2017 as if he or she has been unemployed since then. She or he talks about three postseason victories in 11 seasons as if it were The Great Depression.

You can’t host a podcast with the constantly aggrieved Steelers fan as a viewer/listener unless you’re willing to turn it into the “Fire (insert someone, anyone, here) Show.” It’s not enough to criticize the Steelers or Tomlin; you must want wholesale changes to be made—including the firing of Tomlin—in order to not be called a homer or a Tomlin apologist.

If you thought the constantly aggrieved Steelers fan was miserable during the 13-3 run in 2017, just imagine how that person will be if 2022 remains on its current course toward Crap Valley.

You might have to change your number or mute them on Twitter/Facebook.

“We have standards!” says the constantly aggrieved Steelers fan. Yep, so do most other fan bases. You don’t think Patriots fans have standards? How about Chiefs fans? What about Packers and 49ers fans?

“We spend our time and money on the Steelers, and we should expect better results!”

You’re not investing in a smartphone. When you decide to give your heart, soul and money to a sports team, you’re investing in a product that, by its very nature, can’t guarantee you anything.

That’s half the fun. Actually, that’s most of the fun. If the outcomes were predictable, well, that would be professional wrestling.

Again, I’m not saying that Steelers fans shouldn’t be critical of the team or even angry from time to time.

But in May? Why are you angry in May?

Why were you mad in 2009? Why were you already doubting that Tomlin was the right coach for the Steelers 12 months after he led them to their sixth Super Bowl?

Why were you angry in 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017? Why were you upset during those seasons and after those seasons?

Do you ever have any fun watching the Steelers? No, I’m not talking about this year—they really, really stink. But what about the exciting years? Did you enjoy Ben Roethlisberger’s glory days of the mid-2010s as they were happening or were you just in it for a seventh Super Bowl?

What will make you happy? Is it another Super Bowl? Is it a few more Super Bowls? Is it a new offensive coordinator...again? Do you want Tomlin to be fired? Do you want a new team owner? Do you want Bill Cowher to come back and coach the team? Do you want Ben Roethlisberger to be the offensive coordinator?

Please, tell me, constantly aggrieved Steelers fan, what can we do to make your life better?