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Saturday Night Steelers Open Thread: Feels like fall edition.

Time for another Saturday night meeting of the black-and-gold minds!

New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Welcome Pittsburgh Steelers fans, I’m pretty sure I knew what everyone wanted out of tonight’s intro as soon as it was announced I’d be hosting, and by hosting I mean getting this up and going before I go play indoor soccer at 7:50. Let’s get to it.

Henry update: He was 21lbs when we got him at 10 weeks. He turned 7 months on the 11th, weighs 50 lbs and can put his front feet on the counter and reach pretty much everything. Food lost, a couple of slices of cheese, a Cajun shrimp, half of my spaghetti lunch, cornbread crumbs, and almost 8-9 pieces of thick sliced bacon. He’s no longer allowed in the kitchen, wish us luck.

1 - It’s been a rough week/season and I’ve heard cries about who’s responsible from AR2 to the hotdog vendors. I suspect most won’t be happy until there’s a giant smoldering hole where Acrisure stadium once stood. I’m calling that a 1. A 10 would be an expectation that it was going to take a couple of years to bring the team back to being a contender. Which are you closer to a 10 or a 1?

2 - Wednesday was the first fall feeling day so far this year, crisp, clear, but not cold, but you could tell cold was on the way. My mind went straight to grouse hunting. What does the first fall feeling days make you think about?

3 - Halloween is right around the corner and is Mrs. SNW’s second favorite holiday to decorate for, even though we don’t get kids anymore. We have a ton of stuff, though I think we’ll keep it light this year. How do you celebrate Halloween?

4 - Some here have found the Sunday late game open thread in the fanpost section, but not too many. How often do you watch 4 pm games after the Steelers play?

5 - Mrs. SNW put together a wonderful stew last week using leftovers from a pot roast we had in the freezer. She added beef stock to the gravy, meat, potatoes and veggies and it was done. Stews and hearty soups are a favorite in the fall. I’m either beef stew or Hungarian mushroom with chanterelles as my favorite, though we used to have an excellent tomato basil recipe that was up there as well. What’s your favorite in this category? Canuck would also like the recipe.