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Knee Jerk Reaction to the Steelers 20-18 win over the Bucs in Week 6

The Steelers never trailed, and offense held the ball at the end to keep Tom Brady on the sidelines.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Knee-jerk reactions are immediate responses to a situation without taking the time to analyze the situation. That’s something as sports fans that we typically do. Especially if you are a full blood Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each Steelers game (my son Kyle might have a few things to say as well). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later (or not). So with that being said, I’m going to employ that philosophy here during Week 6 of the NFL Regular Season. Could the Steelers please win again so I can breathe in the sweet smell of victory again on the Scho Bro Show!!!

1st Quarter

  • Steelers to kick off and we will see old man Brady out there to start the game.
  • As Boswell boots the ball Kyle screams "oops roughing the passer"
  • Can hardly believe it... The defense holds Tom Brady to three and out.
  • At least the offense is able to net a first down on their first possession.
  • Wow, I can hardly believe it on third down they called a roughing the passer on the Bucs.
  • On third down Dotson goes early.
  • Steelers line up and go for it on 4th and one. Jalyen Warren powers forward and picks up the first.
  • Najee catches the pass from Pickett and walks into the end zone. Finally the offense gets in the touchdown zone. Steelers 7, Bucs 0.
  • Everybody take note the Steelers actually have the lead.
  • Kyle didn't like the Steelers cornerback lineup prior to that snap and they played very soft coverage for an easy 20-yard completion to Mike Evans. I know the secondary is decimated, but the play has to be better than that.
  • Tampa has now entered the red zone. Need the defense to stiffen here and keep them out.
  • Nice play by Myles Jack to get a piece of that pass.
  • The defense does its job and is going to hold the Bucs to a field goal try. It's good. Steelers 7, Bucs 3.
  • The third down play by the Steelers look doomed from the start considering they were rushing to even get the snap off. Pickett gets sacked and the Steelers go three and out.
  • Tampa quickly into field goal range.
  • End of the first quarter. Steelers 7 Bucs 3

2nd Quarter

  • Brady has all day to throw and now it's a first and goal for the Bucs.
  • Larry O. hits Fournette in the backfield forcing a third down and goal. A stop here would be huge.
  • Malik Reed sacks Brady on 3rd down. Forcing the field goal try. Steelers 7, Bucs 6.
  • They give that sack to Cam Heyward, but pretty sure it was Reed.
  • Nice that the offense didn't go three and out for a second straight possession.
  • Nice catch by Diontae on 3rd and 6.
  • And now Dotson gets nailed for a holding call.
  • Someone wasn't ready to come out for the field goal try and the Steelers are forced to call their second time out. That's the kind of mistake that cannot happen.
  • Boswell gets the lucky bounce off the cross bar and the 55-yard field goal is good. Steelers 10, Bucs 6.
  • Wow, the defense holds Tampa to three and out again.
  • The Steelers offense then comes out, does nothing, goes three and out, and leaves Tom Brady over 2 minutes.
  • The Steelers had the chance to grab points before the half and then receive the second half kickoff, but they blew that opportunity.
  • Fumble! But the Steelers were unable to get on top of it. Highmith hit Brady and forced the fumble.
  • Pierre knocks down the third-down pass. Defense stands strong.
  • The offense looked like they weren't sure if they were trying to kill clock or move the ball and end up giving the ball back to Tampa with time to spare.
  • If Tampa gets points here at the end of the half, this will not be on the defense as much as it was on the offense and their inability to do anything with their last two possessions.
  • Tampa trying a 54-yard field goal. And they get it. Steelers 10, Bucs 9. And you can lay that last field goal totally at the feet of the offense and offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

3rd Quarter

  • Sims returns the opening half kickoff almost to the 10-yd line. Steelers in business to start the second half.
  • What looked promising for the Steelers will turn into a field goal try. They really needed to score a touchdown there and the plays just didn't look like they were set up to give them a great chance.
  • Boz boots it through. Steelers 13, Bucs 9.
  • Sims not getting that kickoff return all the way to the end zone really hurt.
  • On a ball that could have been intercepted by Maulet it gets through and the receiver makes the catch.
  • I can't believe I'm about to say this, but nice coverage there by Spillane.
  • Larry O. down and in some pain.
  • Pierre gets called for holding bringing the Bucs inside the 10. The defense just can't seem to get themselves off the field.
  • The defense takes advantage of a Bucs mistake, and hold to a field goal try. Steelers 13, Bucs 12.
  • Neither team doing a great job of taking advantage of opportunities today.
  • Pickett hit as he throws and the wobbly pass is actually caught by Diontae. Unfortunately for the Steelers Dotson gets called for yet another penalty. This time it's a hold and the Steelers will start in a huge hole.
  • Pickett has to come out and Trubisky goes in.
  • Wow! Claypool converts the 3rd and 15.
  • Quickly to another 3rd down. Not converted and the Steelers to punt. Would have like to see Diontae work back to the ball there.
  • The defense holds to another 3 and out. The defense has shown up today.
  • Nice return near midfield by Sims.
  • Steelers take a sack on first down which now puts them well behind the sticks.
  • Steelers have their own three and out and will punt it back.
  • End of the third quarter, Steelers 13, Bucs 12. At least I feel like sticking around for the fourth quarter this week.

4th Quarter

  • Defense has to spend a timeout to keep from a room many men penalty. Another unnecessary timeout.
  • Wormley with a big stop on 3rd and 1. Forces the punt.
  • This time Sims gets negative yards on the return.
  • Pickett ruled will be finished out by Mitchburgh.
  • Wow, even I saw the first 2 Matt Canada plays coming there and now the Steelers face a 3rd and long.
  • Pickens with a good grab to convert it.
  • Canada settling into the run,run, pass offense.
  • Steelers catch Bucs sleeping and hit Hayward for 45 yards!
  • Touchdown Claypool! Two offensive TD's the same game! Steelers 20, Bucs 12.
  • Spillane still can't cover a WR.
  • Brady tried to sneak a 3rd and 1, and it actually lost yards.
  • Going on 4th and one. And Fournette gets it easily.
  • Steelers get them to 4th and short again. And they complete a pass to the running back for two yards. The Steelers just won't make it easy for me will they.
  • And then on a swing pass Fournette runs through three tackles to make it to the end zone. Tampa is a two-point conversion away from tying it up. Knocked down by Bush! Steelers 20, Bucs 18.
  • The offense needs to run out the clock here.
  • Bad snap and somehow Trubisky was able to get back and get on top of it. But now the Steelers face third and long.
  • Claypool comes through again and converts!
  • CLAYPOOL AGAIN! Huge catch there! Nice to get some complementary football!
  • Trubisky sneaks for a first down and the Steelers should be able to end this game in victory formation.
  • How awesome was it to see the Steelers offense take the ball with just over 4 minutes to go and run out the clock. Brady never got another shot!
  • 3-2-1 WIN!!! 20-18 Steelers!

There you have it, my knee jerks. so I will sit on this for a day or two, analyze it and then talk about it on The Scho Bro Show Tuesday night. CAN’T WAIT!!!