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Homegating and the holidays can co-exist for Pittsburgh Steelers fans

The football event can be tricky, but adding the holidays into your gathering isn’t as difficult as you may believe.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images

You love the Pittsburgh Steelers, and you love the holidays. Can they coexist in the same gathering?

Believe it or not, they can!

Halloween is the first major holiday during the NFL season. The spooky season is a great time, but can also be filled with footballs and fans. Merging the two isn’t difficult; in fact, it might make for a very spectacular, or should we say spook-tacular, homegating experience.

When talking about any football gathering, the following need to be considered for the event to be a success:

  • Football
  • Food
  • Fun

Those three factors, while simple, are must-haves for any successful homegate. Let’s break down the essentials:


Is there anything worse than going to someone’s house to watch the game, and they are watching their DVR’d episode of The Bachelor? While that might seem like an exaggeration, stranger things have happened. Other instances have had people not start the game on-time due to them not being ready.

If you are going to host a football gathering, have the football game on so everyone can enjoy the live action!


Food is a must-have item for those fans who enjoy the football gathering, but don’t care as much about the game. It might seem foreign to some, but some actually come to these events for the food, so you better make it good!

Having food which coincides with the game, opponent or venue is always a unique spin over the typical game day fare. The classic nachos, pigs in a blanket and dip are staples for a reason, but throwing in a Philly cheesesteak when the Eagles are on the docket, or some Maryland crab soup when the Ravens come to town are great ways of making your event special.


Like those who focus mainly on the food over the football, there are ways to keep those same fans engaged in the game. Think of fun games to play during the game to help everyone enjoy the game, even if they couldn’t care less about the outcome.

Think football squares are just for the Super Bowl? Think again! They are a great way to have people focused on the game. Not a fan of football squares? Then try a classic bingo board game. Fill the board with some of the following categories:

Field Goal
Extra Point
Truck Commercial
Pizza Commercial

These are just some of the things you could put on your bingo board game, and it will be a fun way to keep everyone engaged and enjoying the game.

Okay, with the homegate details out of the way, time to mix the holidays into your event. For the Halloween gathering, feel free to throw in some of the following aspects to make this event even more fun, and memorable!


Sure, you could go to the event with your T.J. Watt jersey on, but is that unique? No, it isn’t. Throw on some crazy face paint, making yourself look like a bloody skull wearing a Watt jersey, and that’s memorable.

Go to your local grocery store and pick up some cheap gift cards, and have everyone vote on the best football costume to win a gift card.


If you haven’t figured this out yet, people like food. If you want to spruce up your festive food options, here are some you could go with.

Mummies — Get your favorite hot dogs, and wrap them in croissant rolls to make them look like mummies when they come out of the oven.

Spiders — Take a marshmallow and have small pretzel rods sticking out of it for legs. Throw in some chocolate eyeballs, and you have yourself some s’more themed goodies!

Footballs — Don’t overthink things...make Rice Krispy Treats and shape them into little footballs. Make them as big, or as small, as you’d like.

Let your mind get creative with these options not only to taste great, but also to make your even unique and fun!

Ultimately, ask yourself if you’d have fun at the party you are trying to host? Would it be a fun event, but also a great place to watch the game with fellow fans? If the answer to those questions are a resounding ‘yes’, then you have yourself a successful homegate.

Remember, always celebrate responsibly, and GO STEELERS!