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A look back at the Steelers week that was: Chasing trades or trading Chase edition

BTSC’s random-thought renegade is back with his bizarre look at the Steelers week that was.

New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Steelers are 2-4, and lots of things are going on. But with a win over Tom Brady and Tampa with a depleted lineup, there’s plenty of cautious excitement in the Steel City air. Let’s all take a look at the week in the ‘burgh together.

Sunday 10/16


Eggs scrambled, good. QB brains scrambled, bad.

James Pierre, a shut down corner?

Monday 10/17

Boz clearly said those exact words, but was it really aimed at Canada? ‘

Death threats, really? The only thing that Dotson did that deserves retribution is that truck he ruined the transmission of before the 2020 draft.

Kazoos are good. mazes are better.

Tuesday 10/18

Alex is too much of a good thing, so here comes the trade T.J. talk?

Remember that year when mom and Aunt Judy stayed camped out all night and got in a fistfight with the neighbor lady over the rights to download Jaguars at Panthers. me neither, because nobody ever would want that.

Wednesday 10/19

Do not tease me. Once you have a Demarvin in your life, you never don’t want to have a Demarvin in your life.

Thursday 10/20

I don’t want to see Chase Claypool go. However, all-in basically means whatever the price. If that’s the case, the Steelers should ask for a first, a second, and a forfeit of Super Bowl XLV.

The list of black-and-gold wounded looks so much better this week, but you’ve got to be careful. Injury reports are like farts, you think your problems are just blowing in the wind and then splat. Never trust a fart, never trust an injury report.

Chase won’t fetch that much, but desperate teams do desperate things. I never thought that my wife would marry me. See, never hurts to ask. A blind squirrel fungus a nut every once in a while. For me, two nuts.

Friday 10/21

That’s great news, but I’m going to be super cautious and pray that the Steelers aren’t rushing these dudes back. The only veggies that I want to see at Acrisure Stadium are onion rings, and more onion rings.

This was the significant week that was for the Steelers, mixed-in with my black-and-gold loving life. I’m sure next week will be full of Steelers happenings as well, so we’ll have to do this again. Have a great week, but better yet have a BAD one.