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Sunday night vs. the Dolphins just “feels” like a game the Steelers will win

The Steelers will defeat the Miami Dolphins on the road in primetime on Sunday Night Football. I just have a feeling.

SPORTS-FBN-DOLPHINS-TAGOVAILOA-MI Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

No, I’m not delusional (at least not about football and the Steelers).

I’m about as real as they come when it involves my opinions on Pittsburgh’s favorite professional football team.

You wanted to know how I thought the Steelers would do on the road against the Bills two weeks ago, and I told you they’d lose by a bunch.

You wanted to know what I figured the final score would be against the Buccaneers and Tom Brady at Acrisure Stadium a week ago, and I told you it would be lopsided in favor of the visitors.

Anyway, while I’ve been consistent with my criticisms of the Steelers this year, I haven’t exactly been spot-on with my predictions (I also said they’d get smashed by the Bengals in Week 1).

But I haven’t had one of those weird feelings about any of the Steelers 2022 matchups through six weeks. This is Week 7, however, and as Pittsburgh travels to take on the Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday Night Football, and does so as a 7.5-point underdog, I just have this hunch.

The Steelers are going to win this football game. It just feels like the kind of contest that they normally come out on top.

The Steelers just vanquished a heavily-favored Tampa Bay team at home in Week 6 and did so with a makeshift defense, as well as some offensive heroics from beleaguered players like Mitch Trubisky and Chase Claypool.

Pittsburgh’s 20-18 upset win not only ended a four-game slide, but it gave the franchise some new life and hope, heading into Sunday evening’s matchup.

Yes, Tua Tagovailoa is set to make his triumphant return after a lengthy absence due to some scary concussions. Tagovailoa certainly had the Dolphins trending in the right direction before being knocked out of the Bengals' Thursday Night Football Game in Week 4.

Miami went into that TNF affair with a 3-0 record after beating up the Patriots in Week 1, storming back to vanquish the Ravens in Week 2 and handing the Bills their only loss in Week 3.

Then, the Tua scare changed the Dolphins' season and sent them reeling toward three-straight losses. Now that Tagovailoa is back, Miami should resume its march toward a playoff berth, no? After all, Tagovailoa is dynamic and has two receiving weapons in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle who are the envy of the league and producing at potent levels.

How can the Steelers' overrated defense, even though it somehow managed to stymie the Buccaneers a week earlier, shut down Miami’s offensive attack?

I don’t know. Again, it’s just a hunch.

This is what the Steelers do. Even at 2-4, they’re still only a game out of first place in the AFC North. Doesn’t it just strike you as a game they will win?

Doesn’t this just seem like a game in which Kenny Pickett, the team’s rookie quarterback, will finally have his breakout moment...on national front of the football world?

I mean, if there’s one offense that’s due, it’s Pittsburgh’s offense.

Why can’t it happen against a Dolphins defense that’s ranked 23rd in the NFL? I know what you’re going to say: The Steelers’ offense has spent the past two years making every opposing defense look like the ‘85 Bears.

Good point, but hunches aren’t worried about good points.

Hunches and feelings seem to have a place in sports.

To further cement my gut feeling, Hard Rock Stadium is a bit of a destination place for opposing fans, and as we all know, the Steelers (say it with me) travel well.

Finally, to repeat myself just so there is no misunderstanding: The Pittsburgh Steelers will defeat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football.