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Analyzing the Steelers Week 7 loss to the Dolphins, by the numbers

The Steelers had more than one chance to win the game at the end.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 season is approaching the midway point. dropping to 2-5 with only one more game before the bye, the Steelers are running out of time to turn their season around.

So without further ado, here are some of the numbers involved in the Steelers loss to the Dolphins


When a team loses a one-score game, having a large negative number in the turnover differential is likely a large factor. Throwing three interceptions on the night, one which gave the ball back to the Dolphins in their high-powered first quarter and two coming in the fourth quarter when the Steelers were on the cusp of taking the lead, the turnovers were very costly in this one.


The Pittsburgh Steelers actually had the opportunity to come out with a positive turnover margin despite having three interceptions. Unfortunately, there were no less than four dropped interceptions by the Steelers secondary throughout the game. Even just one of these interceptions could have made a difference in the game, but all four of them would have been game-altering.


The Miami Dolphins hit the field running and the Steelers defense seemed to struggle to cover the middle portion of the field to start Sunday night’s game. In the first quarter, the Dolphins not only scored 13 points which were enough to win the game, they gained 165 yards in the quarter where they had 10 first downs and possessed the ball for 10:26.


The Steelers defense made adjustments before halftime and held the Dolphins to only three points over the remaining three quarters. In the second half, the Steelers only gave up 126 yards and only surrendered four first downs in the half.


Despite looking at the yardage, the most important thing was the Steelers held the Dolphins scoreless in the second half. Even though the Dolphins had an opportunity to score a field goal as they made it into the red zone on their first drive or the second half, and Steelers stopped them on fourth down on the most substantial drive the Dolphins had in the second half.


Unfortunately, the Pittsburgh Steelers could not put up any points in the second half either to complete the comeback against the Dolphins. The Steelers only scored 10 points in the game, all in the second quarter. When an offense is only scoring 10 points in a game, it’s extremely difficult to pull out of win.


Even though the Steelers defense played above the line over the last three quarters, they were not able to put much pressure on the Dolphins quarterback. The Steelers were shut out in the sack department yet again and only registered one quarterback hit the entire game which came in the second quarter.


The Steelers struggled to sustain drives throughout the game. Only converting four of 14 third downs, the Steelers only had a 29% conversion rate. Fortunately, the Steelers were two for two on fourth down conversions. But in the second half when the Steelers needed to come back, they only converted one of eight third downs.


Even though the Steelers only had a 29% third down conversion rate, they held the Dolphins to the exact same thing. Miami only converted four third downs on 14 attempts on the game and were also zero for one on fourth down attempts. The Steelers held the Dolphins to a single third-down conversion in the fourth quarter and only surrendered one in the second half.


Despite the defense giving them plenty of opportunity, the offense just couldn’t come through and get the win. Unfortunately, this means the only step that matters— the win total— does not get a number added to it this week.

So there are some numbers to help put the Steelers Week 7 loss in perspective. In a game that looked as if the defense was going to surrender a lot of points, they tightened up and kept the game to only one score throughout the second half.

So what numbers from Sunday night’s game stand out to you? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.