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Report Card: Grading the Steelers Week 8 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles

How low can you go...

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers closed out the first half of the 2022 season with an ugly loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles came into this game as the only undefeated team in the NFL, and this game showcased just how far apart the Steelers and the top teams in the NFL are right now.

The Steelers also extended their losing streak in the City of Brotherly Love to 57 years, a losing streak that has survived Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin’s teams.

Let’s look at how the Steelers performed in Philadelphia.


The Steelers again failed to score two or more offensive touchdowns, the fifth time that has happened in eight games. The Steelers had ten possessions in this game, of those ten, four possessions gained one or fewer yards, and two resulted in turnovers. The Steelers padded the stat sheet in the second half with the Eagles leading by at least two touchdowns for every Steeler possession after halftime. But before the Eagles went up by 18 with the opening drive of the second half the Steelers had gained 105 yards on six drives, an average of 17.5 yards per possession. The Steelers gained 180 yards in the second half on only 4 drives, an average of 45 yards per drive, after the Eagles changed to a less aggressive defense.

In the first half the Steelers running backs ran the ball 6 times for 12 total yards (2 yards per rush), and Kenny Pickett threw 18 passes, completing 12 for 94 yards, while taking 3 sacks for -21 yards. Meaning Pickett averaged under 3.5 yards per passing play (play with either a pass or sack). The most effective part of the Steelers offense was actually the plays Kenny Pickett took off and ran, with 6 runs gaining 29 yards, just under 5 yards per play.

When the game was still winnable the offense was abysmal, and even though the Steelers moved the ball in the second half, they only scored three points. It was an all-around terrible game for the offense.

Honor Roll: None

Demerits: Everybody, their cousins, and the kitchen sink.

Final Grade: F


The Steelers defense started the game by giving up a nine-play touchdown drive, followed that with an eleven-play touchdown drive, and then, sick of giving up long touchdown drives, decided to not do that again, and instead gave up touchdown drives of three, five and two plays.

Eight drives in with five touchdowns scored the Eagles put in their backups to play the final two drives of the game.

I don’t feel the need to say anything more about it.

Honor Roll: Cameron Heyward

Demerits: Just about everyone else

Final Grade: F

Special Teams

Nick Sciba joined the team and made two field goals of less than 40 yards, but also put a kickoff out of bounds. The punt team played their usual solid game outside of the inconsistent punts that have plagued the Steelers forever, and the punt return team was solid. Props to Gunner Olszewski for taking the ball the Eagles downed at the one and trying to make something of it, there’s no harm in trying in that situation, even if it didn’t work out.

Marcus Allen’s fake punt run for a first down was fantastic to see from Danny Smith. Normally the most exciting thing you can do with the Steelers special teams is guess how many pieces of gum Smith is chewing. The Steelers special teams were the best part of this game, although that is not saying much.

Honor Roll: Myles Boykin, Marcus Allen, Gunner Olszewski

Demerits: Kickoff out of bounds

Final Grade: C


Cameron Heyward gets a pass for this game, because he was actually winning matchups all game, and in the fourth quarter he was still chasing down the ball and was the third closest defender to the ball on almost every play. When no one else was showing that effort, Heyward was still giving 100%. He can take the blame on himself and refuse to blame anyone else, that’s fine. He doesn’t have to say anything, his effort in comparison to the other players on the field says it all.

Final Grade: F

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think. Vote your grade for the Steelers overall performance and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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