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Bye Week Betting Preview: Steelers current team and individual odds

With no game this coming week, it’s time to check out the current odds for the Steelers for the rest of the year.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers head into their bye week at a disappointing 2-6. With no game to look at the current spread, let’s take some time to look at a number of futures bets in regards to the Pittsburgh Steelers and look at what the opening lines were back in May for their remaining schedule. When it comes to the betting lines for the various futures bets, the following information is the current consensus odds for the Steelers this week as reported by DraftKings Sportsbook.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Team odds:

Super Bowl: +100000 (1000/1)
Front runner: BUF +225 (9/4)

AFC Champion: +50000 (500/1)
Front runner: BUF +110 (11/10)

AFC North Champion: +6000 (60/1)
Front runner: BAL -250 (2/5)

Odds to finish with the fewest wins: +650 (13/2)
Behind: HOU -115 (20/23), CAR +425 (17/4)
Ahead of: DET +1000 (10/1), CHI & JAX +1100 (11/1)

Expected Wins: 5.5
Over: +105 (21/20)
Under: -125 (4/5)

To Make the Playoffs:
Yes: +2000 (20/1)
No: -10000 (1/100)

Individual odds:

(only categories where a player is listed will be included)

Defensive Player of the Year: T.J. Watt, +5000; Alex Highsmith +10000
Front runner: Micah Parsons, -225

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Kenny Pickett, +2000; George Pickens +3500
Front runner: Kennith Walker III, +175

Most Rushing Yards: Najee Harris, +100000
Front runner: Derrick Henry, +300

Most Rushing Touchdowns: Najee Harris, +5000
Front runner: Nick Chubb, +225

Most Interceptions Thrown: Kenny Pickett +450 (front runner)

Opening Lines of the Remaining Schedule:

(The following were the opening lines of each of the Steelers remaining games reported in May following the schedule release)

Saints @ Steelers (-1.5)
Bengals @ Steelers (+2.5)
Steelers (+4.5) @ Colts
Steelers (-2.5) @ Falcons
Ravens @ Steelers (+2)
Steelers (-1) @ Panthers
Raiders @ Steelers (+1.5)
Steelers (+5.5) @ Ravens
Browns @ Steelers (NO LINE)