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A look back at the Steelers week that was: Time for Change edition

BTSC’s random-thought renegade is back with his bizarre look at the Steelers week that was.

NFL: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers are 1-3, and lots of things are going on. But with Kenny Pickett inserted in the lineup, there’s plenty of excitement in the Steel City air. Let’s all take a look at the week in the ‘burgh together.

Sunday 10/2

Believe it or not, there used to be a time when anything over 45 was deemed nearly impossible in Pittsburgh. Argue it all you want, but Chris Boswell is the greatest Steelers kicker in history.

No turning back now. Mike Tomlins “Definitively No!” answer to the possibility of a QB change seemed definitive just 10 days ago.

Losing to the J-E-T-S? Mess, Mess, Mess!

Give Coach T a chance to assess the situation. He needs a chance to see if KP8 is the red hue he needs to paint the barn red.

This is great. When you got to go, go in style. Next time I’ve gotta poop, I’m calling an Uber.

Just sad.

Monday 10/3

It’s now official, it’s the Steelers against the world.

Seriously, this was more of a lock than Christmas falling on December 25th. Then again, this move means Christmas has come early to some fans.

Tuesday 10/4

After a breakout performance in Week 4, It’s obvious that it won’t be slim pickins’ for balls going the way of George Pickens from this point on.

Wednesday 10/5

The moves come to the expense of Jordan Berry. Don’t worry, the punter will be back. Berry always finds his way back.

Thursday 10/6

Apparently Von Miller has either better perspective or lower standards than a lot of Steeler fans. The respect is nice to see, though. You gotta admit, Chuks is playing fairly well.

I’m going to steal this next line from BTSC’s Shannon White. Just wait until Le’veon wants to be paid like a boxer and a MMA fighter.

Of course, nobody wants to hear the rookie concede inferiority and defeat before the game. That wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Austin 3:19 says “I’ve just returned to practice”.

Mike Tomlin’s assessment of Gunner O’s play is damning. When you hear, “You can’t put two balls on the ground in two games and feel good about it, Two is a pattern.”

Friday 10/7

The Bills are decimated. But don’t let this be fool’s gold. The Bills still have plenty of healthy dudes.

The Steelers injury report looks a little better, but the underdogs need all hands on deck to beat Buffalo.

This was the significant week that was for the Steelers, mixed-in with my black-and-gold loving life. I’m sure next week will be full of Steelers happenings as well, so we’ll have to do this again. Have a great week, but better yet have a BAD one.