Why Offensive Tackles Require a Premium Draft Pick

ESPN+ just ran an article reviewing the #1 draft need for each NFL team. Whether this analysis is 100% accurate or not is debatable, but identifying the #1 need is not that tough - so I’d say it’s pretty close.

In their estimation, the #1 need for 13 of the 32 teams in the NFL is an offensive lineman and virtually every one was an offensive tackle. Of the 13 teams (Pitt, Chicago, NYJ, Ari, Buffalo, LA Rams, LV Raiders, LA Chargers, KC, NE, Tennessee, SF and Denver) the only one not needing a OT is Buffalo.

With this significant of a demand, it is inevitable that every top tier OT in this draft class is going to be drafted in Rd. 1 and likely a couple currently projected for Rd. 2 are going to go in Rd. 1.

So unless the Steelers can land either Will Anderson Jr. or Jalen Carter, we really need to spend our 1st Rd. pick on OT. It’s debatable which one of Moore or Dotson is worse, but which position deserves the use of a higher draft pick is indisputable.

Another big advantage of going OT over OG is most OTs can play OG (or can slide to OG if they aren’t cutting it at OT). At the NFL level it’s very unusual to see an OG transition to OT. Usually, any lineman capable of playing OT plays there. Most OGs play OG because they are unable to play OT due to insufficient size, girth, strength or speed.

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