Where to meet Steeler fans in Indianapolis?

So, it’s been 3 years since my first trip to a Steelers game (against the Colts) in Pittsburgh. A pandemic and some other stuff called family, work, and the fact that a trip from Europe to watch a game live isn’t exactly cheap, kind’a prevented me from attending a game since then. Back then I got a bunch of advice on what to see and do while in Pittsburgh (apart from attending the game) from you guys, and I am hoping you might come to my rescue again.

I’m travelling to the Monday Night game in Indianapolis. Yep - another game against the Colts, but since my fellow NFL fan and travelbuddy is a Colt’s fan it makes sense, at least to us. So I was wondering if anyone on this site know where to go and meet fellow Steeler fans when arriving in Indianapolis? Is there a hang-out on Sunday? Monday? Or is a Monday Night away game not attended by that many Steeler fans? Flying in from Denmark (in Scandinavia, Europe) it would be awesome to meet fellow fans for a beer and a chat before the game..

Thanks - and #herewego

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