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The Christmas collector’s guide to Steelers Keepsake ornaments

The honor ever rarer than the Hall of Fame

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All across Steelers Nation, families are starting to put up their Christmas trees. It’s the time of year to remember the one black and gold honor that’s even rarer than the NFL Hall of Fame: the Hallmark Keepsake ornament series.

Hallmark started a football legends series in 1995. At first, they just released one ornament a year. It would take more than a decade before they would feature a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here are the Steelers they’ve produced over the years, including the price for one in a mint collector’s condition, and the price for one used from eBay.

2007: Ben Roethlisberger

Collector’s Retail: $40 eBay Retail: $25

The gunslinger’s first Christmas pose isn’t a pass, it’s Ben being Ben.

Ben being Ben
2007 - Ben Roethlisberger
Hallmark Keepsake

2009: Ben Roethlisberger (SBXL logo)

Collectable Retail: $55 (out of stock) eBay Retail: $30

Two years later, Hallmark repainted the ‘07 mold, adding the Super Bowl XL logo. This was offered as the 2009 ornament debut limited edition ornament.

with Super Bowl XL logo
2009 - Ben Roethlisberger
Hallmark Keepsake

2010: Troy Polamalu

Collectable Retail: $50.95 Ebay Retail: $25

Hallmark quickly realized that it’s impossible to have a legends series without Troy Polamalu.

2010 - Troy Polamalu
Hallmark Keepsake

2011: Troy Polamalu

Collectable Retail: $23.95 (out of stock) Ebay Retail: $20

A year later, Hallmark repainted the Troy ornament and put him in his Super Bowl XLV uniform. This was originally offered as a Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive.

2011 - Troy Polamalu
Hallmark Keepsake

2012: Hines Ward

Collectable Retail: $35.95 Ebay Retail: $25

Hallmark released this a few months after Ward announced his retirement in March of ‘12.

2012 - Hines Ward
Hallmark Keepsake

2013: James Harrison

Collectable Retail: $48.95 Ebay Retail: $12

Hallmark memorializes Deebo’s Super Bowl interception return.

2013 - James Harrison
Hallmark Keepsake

2014: Franco Harris

Collectable Retail: $51 Ebay Retail: $30

Nothing says Christmas miracle more than the Immaculate Reception.

2014 - Franco Harris
Hallmark Keepsake

2015: Mean Joe Greene

Collectable Retail: $23.95 (out of stock) Ebay Retail: $25

Mean Joe was first available during the Hallmark Premiere event in July of 2015.

2015 - Mean Joe Greene
Hallmark Keepsake

2016: Ben Roethlisberger

Collectable Retail: $32.95 (out of stock) Ebay Retail: $35

Hallmark breaks out their classic Ben mold once again, this time with a bumble bee repaint.

2016 - Ben Roethlisberger
Hallmark Keepsake

2017: Antonio Brown

Collectable Retail: $26.95 (out of stock) Ebay Retail: $18

If you put AB on your Christmas tree now, Santa may give you coal!

2017 - Antonio Brown
Hallmark Keepsake

2018: Jerome Bettis

Collectable Retail: $43.95 (out of stock) Ebay Retail: $40

I believe this pose is the Bus being “skinny” as he hit the hole.

2018 - Jerome Bettis
Hallmark Keepsake

2019: JuJu Smith-Schuster

Collectable Retail: $37.99 Ebay Retail: $25

Hallmark gave JuJu an ornament in only his third season. Milk crates sold separately.

2019 - Juju Smith-Shuster
Hallmark Keepsake

2020: James Conner

Collectable Retail: $23.99 Ebay Retail: $15

This ornament first hit the market in July of 2020. Nine months later he would sign with the Arizona Cardinals.

2020 - James Conner
Hallmark Keepsake

2022: TJ Watt

Collectable Retail: $24.99 Ebay Retail: $28

Instead of his signature celebration kick, Hallmark gives us this thoughtful Watt pose, in the moment before he bats down a pass at the line of scrimmage.

2022 - TJ Watt
Hallmark Keepsake

Let me know in the comments who’s on your tree, and who should get an ornament next.

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