Been Thinking

From 2018 - 2020 the Steelers unexpectedly lost Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, Maurkice Pouncey, David Decastro, and Ryan Shazier, probably at least a year or two before anticipated. Thinking about this in terms of drafting. With 7 picks each year and 22 - 28 unique positions on the field and/ or 53 man rosters. You would expect to replace a position every 4 to 7 years on average. Did these sudden departures for multiple different reasons make the Steelers draft positions to replace them before they were expecting. If Shazier doesn't get hurt they don't trade up to draft Bush and spend that pick elsewhere. If Le'Veon accepts a deal do we draft Conner? If Brown doesn't have mental health issues do they spend 5 consecutive high picks on Washington, Smith Schuster, Johnson, Claypool, and Pickens? Where would the line be if Pouncey and DeCastro each gave us one more year? The Steelers seem to have a lack of talent throughout the roster. It is not like they are missing one piece but they have holes. I am wondering if this is because of how many high quality starters they lost seemingly in a few short years. They were always going to have to eventually rebuild. But because of this attrition the rebuild of the team was down to the bones.

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