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A Letter From the Editor: Giving thanks to BTSC, and the Steelers

On this Thanksgiving, I want to take a minute to give thanks...

NFL: NOV 24 Steelers at Colts Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today is Thanksgiving here in the continental United States, and I realize many reading this don’t celebrate this holiday.

That’s okay.

Is there ever a bad time to give thanks? To show appreciation? To me, I don’t think that time exists.

On this Thanksgiving I wanted to take the time to give thanks to a lot of people, and I want to start with you. Yes, you, the reader. Without you reading articles, being a part of the community and telling other Pittsburgh Steelers fans about the site makes this entire thing special.

I want to thank everyone who contributes to the editorial side of the site in some way. I have been so proud of the quality of the content which has been produced this season, and I’m not talking about the drivel I write every day. Whether it’s the long form features, film rooms or the latest news, it all makes this site unique and special. Without the editorial side, nothing else exists.

The podcast platform has turned into a network of shows which I didn’t see coming when we fully committed to the project prior to the 2020 season. However, this season I have thoroughly all of the shows we have put out. Sure, the season hasn’t turned out the way anyone thought or hoped, but the podcast team has been a steady force throughout the wins and losses.

It may seem odd, but I also want to thank the Steelers. 3-7 is not the start many expected, but I still love this football team. Watching them play still gets the juices flowing, and reignites the passion I have for the team. Without that passion I wouldn’t have this job, or the willingness to provide the content everyone who comes to this site regularly expects on a daily basis.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my family. It isn’t always easy when people watch games with me and I have a laptop open and am feverishly typing during the game. It isn’t always easy when Dad has to leave the dinner table to go write a breaking news article. It isn’t always fun when I have to give an abbreviated “goodnight” regime due to having to record a podcast. A special thanks to my wife who has always recognized how this site/podcasts is a passion project.

While this is a job, I still find this site a lot of fun. I wish I had time to be in the comment section more, but I hope everyone realizes how thankful, and fortunate, I am to be the one steering this ship.

I hope you all enjoy this holiday, and let’s hope for some Steelers win down the stretch!