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How to dress with Steelers arrival style

Get the drip the black & gold pros wear

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a rare moment each week, where Pittsburgh Steelers players shed the uniformed look of the black and gold and show off their individual personalities and styles. It’s the pre-game stadium arrival, sometimes known as “The Fashion Show.” Once upon a time, it was a serendipitous moment, caught by the network cameras in the hours before kickoff. Today, it’s a modern-day NFL tradition, complete with its own corporate sponsor.

Some fans give this moment nothing more than a passing glance. Others go as far as to loathe it, complaining about the celebration of excess and wealth-flaunting. But for all the label watchers in Steelers nation, here’s how to get the same drip as the pros.

Kenny Pickett

It looks like when Kenny’s off the field, he’s not thinking about downfield passes, he’s thinking about downward dog. QB1 arrives in head-to-toe Lululemon, the patron saint of yoga studios everywhere.

Kenny Pickett in Lululemon
Pittsburgh Steelers

For a professional athlete, Kenny is keeping it humble, but this simple outfit could give some a little sticker shock. The standard joggers run around $118, and the City Excursion jacket was $148 when it was in stock. Like many Lulu products, it’s been sold-out for a while. The jacket was released in 2020, making KP8’s fashion sense even thriftier.

KP8: Lulu in the streets, Black & Gold in the cleats

George Pickens

NFL Youngboy is leaning into his nickname with a style as unique as his personality. Here he arrives wearing Gallery Dept. They’re a Los Angeles brand, founded by artist Josue Thomas. His mission is re-purpose and re-imagine garments into something new and inspiring. It’s the kind of store that asks you to schedule an appointment for your shopping.

Unfortunately, George’s look is probably impossible to duplicate. The vest is out of stock. But according to their other outerwear prices, it would’ve cost somewhere between $600-$1,500.

Just like Pickens game: can’t touch this

Alex Highsmith

The pride of Wilmington knows how to keep his fit on brand. He arrives wearing his own Team Highsmith. A percentage of all sales are donated to the Alex Highsmith Family Foundation

Alex Highsmith in Team Highsmith
Pittsburgh Steelers

Alex sells a couple of different versions of his “Deflect the Glory” hoodie. This color rush version is $50.

Alex stays on brand

Diontae Johnson

If a luxury fashion brand could lay claim to the phrase, “the standard is the standard,” it would be Louis Vuitton. Name-checked in song by everyone from Kanye West to Meghan Trainor, Louis V represents the top shelf of status.

Diontae Johnson in Louis Vuitton
Pittsburgh Steelers

Louis Vuitton fans like DJ pay the cost to dress this well. In fact, Louis doesn’t even categorize his sweater as outerwear. It’s labeled an “investment piece.” Retail price: $1,535, but the steeper cost is looking like a Bengals fan.

DJ’s sweater aka “investment piece”
Louis Vuitton

Levi Wallace

Number 29 is representing Raf Simons, a Belgian designer who’s been with Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Prada. Simons was the primary influence for Kanye West’s first runway collection, and his 2008 album “808s & Heartbreak.”

Levi Wallace in Raf Simons
Pittsburgh Steelers

This is not the kind of sweater you’d wear to the office Christmas party, where someone may spill their IC Light. It sells for $1,010, clutch not included.

Do Not put this in the dryer

Pat Freiermuth

Muth is wearing Canada Goose, a brand that’s counterfeited so much, they had to start stitching hologram trademarks into the products. They’re made for the coldest places on earth, but these coats are more likely to be found wherever status is in excess. Marketers have called Canada Goose the uniform of inner city 16-to-24 year olds and the Swiss watch of apparel.

Pat Freiermuth in Canada Goose
Pittsburgh Steelers

This is their Expedition Parka Heritage, which is said to withstand temperatures of -22 and below. But apparently everyone who wears one never zips it up. This will set you back $1,695. It looks comfy though.

Cold, but not zip-up cold
Canada Goose

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