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Can Mike Tomlin orchestrate another non-losing season in 2022?

At one point it seemed like a losing season was inevitable, but is it now?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There are a lot of different stats and facets of the Pittsburgh Steelers which, while impressive, can annoy some fans. For instance, while many love the fact the Steelers own six Super Bowl titles, the fact they haven’t even been to the big game since 2010 gets under fans’ skin.

Another stat which is sure to cause some to be uneasy would be how Mike Tomlin has never suffered a losing season. While impressive, many feel this is nothing more than a celebration of mediocrity. After all, this is the Pittsburgh Steelers we’re talking about. Where every season is championship, or bust.

Earlier in the 2022 regular season, while sporting a 2-6 and 3-7 record, it looked as if the Tomlin non-losing season narrative will finally be put to rest. For many, this would be cause for celebration, but after winning back-to-back games and getting the team’s record to 5-7 nothing is certain.

In other words, you have to ask if it’s possible Tomlin is able to coach his team up to a 9-8 record, this would be assuming there wouldn’t be a tie on their overall record. Is it possible for the team to do it? With only one loss to spare, it seems daunting, but it remains a possibility.

This is something which was discussed on ESPN, and the folks at the worldwide leader in sports see Tomlin as doing enough to get the job done and keeping his non-losing streak alive.

Here’s what they said:

Mike Tomlin is going to coach his way to a winning season after all

We did this one a couple of weeks ago, and I believe I called it an overreaction. But the Steelers have won two straight games — and three of their past four — to improve to 5-7 after a 2-6 start. The 19-16 victory in Sunday’s field goal fight with the Atlanta Falcons wasn’t pretty, but the standings don’t have a column for “pretty,” and the Steelers found a way to win.

With five games left in the season, Tomlin has to go 4-1 (or 3-1-1) to keep alive his remarkable streak. Tomlin is in his 16th season as Steelers head coach and has never finished a season with a losing record.


All right. He’s got me. I’m not ready to say he’ll do it, but I think you have to at least acknowledge the possibility. The only loss the Steelers have in their past four games was a very close one to the Bengals, who were as good as any team in the league in November.

Pittsburgh’s remaining games are home against the Ravens, at Carolina, home against the Raiders, at Baltimore and home against the Browns. You’re telling me they can’t go 4-1 (or 3-1-1) against that schedule? Especially if Lamar Jackson isn’t playing for the Ravens? I’ve reached the point where I’m no longer comfortable telling Tomlin what he can’t do. That was my bad.

As they said in the above blurb, let’s list out the Steelers’ remaining games:

Week 14: vs. Baltimore Ravens
Week 15: at Carolina Panthers
Week 16: vs. Las Vegas Raiders
Week 17: at Baltimore Ravens
Week 18: vs. Cleveland Browns

This current Steelers team is ridiculously difficult to predict in every way. Nothing the team has traditionally done, like sacking the quarterback, has been easy this season. Could the team get hot and string together some big wins? Absolutely, but in the same breathe they could fall flat and stumble to the finish line.

It’s at this point where I ask you, the reader, what you think. Do you think Tomlin will find a way to get the job done? Or do you think this will be the year the non-losing season streak is snapped? Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they press on throughout the 2022 regular season.