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Knee Jerk Reactions to the Steelers 16-14 loss to the Ravens in Week 14

The Steelers simply couldn’t stop the run even when that was all they had to defend.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Knee-jerk reactions are immediate responses to a situation without taking the time to analyze the situation. That’s something as sports fans that we typically do. Especially if you are a full blood Yinzer, or even just a part Yinzer. As is the custom, I compile my knee-jerk thoughts and publish them immediately after each Steelers game (my son Kyle might have a few things to say as well). It’s my version of running my mouth first and apologizing later (or not). So with that being said, I’m going to employ that philosophy here during Week 14 of the NFL Regular Season.

1st Quarter

  • Steelers to kick off.
  • Steelers quickly get the Ravens to 3rd and 10 as Sutton almost could have picked off that second down pass. Need to get off the field here.
  • Pass was complete but two yards short of the first. Looks like the Steelers are getting off the field quickly. Great start.
  • Two scrambles by Kenny Pickett and the Steelers have a first down.
  • Nothing like the offensive line forgetting to block on third down, Dodson and Cole each move to the side to block nobody and allowed the guy in front of them to run straight through. Steelers to punt.
  • "Swiss cheese". Kyle's comment on the Steelers defense on that pass play.
  • The defense stiffens and Tucker is out to attempt a field goal. It's good. Ravens 3, Steelers 0.
  • The Steelers proceed to take the ball and go three and out. Not the offensive start we were hoping to see today.
  • Harvin with the shankapotamus followed by a tremendous Ravens bounce and the Ravens will start with the ball in Pittsburgh territory. Talk about things not going right: 17-yard punt.
  • One play and Dobbins runs it down to the 5-yard line. Am I allowed to say ridiculous yet?
  • On the next play Dobbins finishes it off. I know it's only the first quarter but I feel like this is already game over. Two run plays, nearly 50 yards and a touchdown, awful. Ravens 10, Steelers 0.
  • Pickett to the locker room and Trubisky in.
  • Drop by Gentry.
  • Muuuutthh!
  • Deep throw to Pickens! First and goal Steelers!
  • Steelers go quick and get a flag in the end zone. First and goal on the one.
  • Rock to the Naj for the TD. Ravens 10, Steeler 7. Maybe the Steelers do have life.
  • Pickett out for the game with a concussion, so it will be Mitchburgh.
  • End of the first. Ravens 10, Steeler 7.

2nd Quarter.

  • Steelers are getting gassed by the runs that are going straight up the middle.
  • Wormly and Alualu combined for the sack.
  • The Ravens go for it for the second time in the game on 4th down. Busted play and the defense holds.
  • Nice run Najee.
  • Stop showing Matt Canada on television CBS. That guy does not need as much camera time as you're giving him.
  • Leave it to Trubisky to do something that Pickett hadn't done in four games and that's throw an interception. Even worse the Steelers were easily in field goal range already.
  • Bobby Spills just crushed the running back out of the backfield.
  • Highsmith was held and it wasn't called and the secondary leaves the WR wide open deep.
  • Second time on this drive that the Steelers have been held when the quarterback breaks contain and there's not been a flag. Is there any thing to say other than we know that the head referee is from Baltimore? (Confirmed by Lil Bro Scho)
  • The defense holds to a field goal. Raven's 13, Steelers 7.
  • Pickens is a beast!
  • Okay the Steelers should forget about the field goal and try to score a touchdown here.
  • Mitch did it again and threw an interception. I think we are now seeing why Pickett has been the starter. He hasn't been making those mistakes. Kyle is calling for Gentry.
  • That's the half. At worst it should have been tied in the Steeler should actually have the lead at this point, but instead it's Ravens 13, Steelers 7.

3rd Quarter

  • There's Diontae giving ground again to only gain a yard, if that.
  • Steelers could go for it on 4th down in Baltimore territory here but decide to punt. I see it as the Steelers are 5-7 right now, go for it there. 28 yard net on the punt.
  • Giving up a 9-yard run on first down makes me wish the Steelers had gone for it even more.
  • Huntley is crushed by Minkah. The defense forces a punt.
  • Trubisky escapes a sack and somehow gets it to Najee.
  • I just turned to Kyle and said that it would be a run play based on the personnel and guess what— it was a run play.
  • Hey guess what Trubisky throws his third interception. The Steelers are now -3 in the turnover margin. Trubisky does not do anything to protect the football.
  • Every time the Steelers offense seems to be gaining momentum Trubisky ruins it by throwing an interception.
  • The defense has them backed up onto the goal line at the one and after two plays the Ravens have a first down. I don't know about the rest of the stadium but I'm deflated. Might as well be one of Tom Brady's footballs.
  • BALL!!!! T.J. had it knocked away from him right as he went to fall on it, Ravens keep it.
  • Get down Mr. President! T.J. Watt with the sack. Ravens to punt.
  • End of the third. Raven's 13, Steelers 7.

4th Quarter

  • Thank God that Jaylen Warren can run with the football. That third and eight was going nowhere until he made guys miss.
  • Good Warren run followed by a Raven's dead ball penalty and the Steelers are really in business.
  • Steelers faced with 3rd and 13. Will Trubisky throw yet another interception?
  • Boswell attempts a field goal and it is blocked. Nothing going the Steelers way today. They should have the lead easily in this game but instead are still down six.
  • Renegade just played in the stadium. I'm not sure at this point it's going to be enough with the way that things have gone today.
  • Kazee almost got the pick, which would have been huge.
  • The defense has been unable to get off the field. Everyone in the stadium knows the Ravens want to run the football, but apparently the Steelers missed that memo.
  • The Ravens are running it down the Steelers throat and there's nothing the Steelers can do about it.
  • Tucker makes it a two-score game. Raven 16 Steelers 7. The Steelers have left too many points on the field today.
  • Nice catch Diontae!
  • Offsetting pass interference penalties. Very interesting.
  • Muuuutthh with the TD! Ravens 16, Steelers 14.
  • The defense gives up 6 yards on first down. Bad start. A first down ends the game.
  • Ravens will face a third and three. A first down ends it, a stop and the Steelers still have life.
  • The Ravens convert the first down easily and that's the ball game. The Steelers run defense shows it's weakness in this game and the Ravens will take the win.
  • The Steelers continue to show that they can face second and third string quarterbacks and not be able to pull off wins.
  • This game also comes down to turnovers. The Steelers had three costly ones and the Ravens didn't have any.
  • Final score Ravens 16, Steelers 14.

There you have it, my knee jerks. so I will sit on this for a day or two, analyze it and then talk about it on The Scho Bro Show Tuesday night. CAN’T WAIT!!!