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Rooting Guide for Steelers 2023 NFL Draft picks: Week 15

Not that it is condoned but here’s a list of teams to cheer for if you want the Steelers to get the highest pick possible in the 2023 Draft.

NFL: OCT 23 Browns at Ravens Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hear me out. I want the Steelers to win every week, and I don’t believe that I would ever root against them. But fans do want to know where they sit as far as draft position goes in 2023. Again, I really hope the Steelers pick in the 20s. With that still probably not being a possibility and my unwillingness to root against them, I could root for certain teams to win to help Pittsburgh’s draft standing. So here is a rooting guide that would help the Steelers keep pace, even with the Steelers winning contests.

First, let’s take a look at the current draft positions as found on Tankathon.

No. 1) Houston Texans

Last Week No. 1 - No Change

1-11-1 (Lost 8 - Week 14 loss to Dallas

Remaining Games: Kansas City, at Tennessee, Jacksonville, at Indianapolis

No. 2) Seattle Seahawks via Denver Broncos

Last Week No. 3 - Up 1 Spot

Broncos 3-10 (Lost 5 - Week 14 loss to Kansas City)

Denver’s Remaining Games: Arizona, at Los Angeles Rams, at Kansas City, Los Angeles Chargers

No. 3) Chicago Bears

Last Week No. 2 - Down 1 Spot

3-10 (Lost 6 - Week 14 Bye)

Remaining Games: Philadelphia, Buffalo, at Detroit, Minnesota

No. 4) Detroit Lions via Los Angeles Rams

Last Week No. 4 - No Change

Rams 4-9 (Won 1 - Week 14 win over Las Vegas)

Los Angeles Ram’s Remaining Games: at Green Bay, Denver, at Los Angeles Chargers, at Seattle

No. 5) Philadelphia Eagles via New Orleans Saints

Last Week No. 5 - No Change

Saints 4-9 (Lost 2 - Week 14 Bye)

New Orleans’ Remaining Games: Atlanta, at Cleveland, at Philadelphia, Carolina

No. 6) Arizona Cardinals

Last Week No. 8 - Up 2 Spots

4-9 (Lost 3 - Week 14 loss to New England)

Remaining Games: at Denver, Tampa Bay, at Atlanta, at San Francisco

No. 7) Indianapolis Colts

Last Week No. 9 - Up 2 Spots

4-8-1 (Lost 3 - Week 14 Bye)

Remaining Games: Minnesota, Los Angeles Chargers, at New York Giants, at Indianapolis.

No. 8) Las Vegas Raiders

Lat Week No. 12 - Up 4 Spots

5-8 (Lost 1 - Week 14 loss to Los Angeles Rams)

Remaining Games: New England, at Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Kansas City Chiefs

No. 9) Carolina Panthers

Last Week No. 6 - Down 3 Spots

5-8 (Won 1 - Week 14 over Seattle)

Remaining Games: Pittsburgh, Detroit, at Tampa Bay, at New Orleans

No. 10) Atlanta Falcons

Last Week No. 10 - No Change

5-8 (Lost 2 - Week 14 Bye)

Remaining Games: New Orleans, at Baltimore, Arizona, Tampa Bay

No. 11) Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Week No. 7 - Down 4 Spots

5-8 (Won 1 - Week 14 win over Tennessee)

Remaining Games: Dallas, at New York Jets, at Houston, Tennessee

No. 12) Houston Texans via Cleveland Browns

Last Week No. 13 - Up 1 Spot

Browns 5-8 (Won 1 - Week 14 loss to Cincinnati)

Cleveland Remaining Games: Kansas City, Tennessee, Jacksonville, at Indianapolis

No. 13) Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Week No. 14 - Up 1 Spot

5-8 (Lost 1 - Week 14 loss to Baltimore)

Have pride or root for them to lose. You fan your way.

Remaining Games: at Carolina, Las Vegas, at Baltimore, Cleveland

No. 14) Green Bay Packers

Last Week No. 11 - Down 3 Spots

5-8 (Won 1 - Week 14 Bye)

Remaining Games: Los Angeles Rams, at Miami, Minnesota, Detroit

No. 15) Detroit Lions

Last Week No. 15 - No Change

6-7 (Won 2 - Week 14 win over Minnesota)

Remaining Games: at New York Jets, at Carolina, Chicago, at Green Bay

No. 16) Seattle Seahawks

Last Week No. 20 - Up 4 Spots

7-7 (Lost 2 - Week 15 loss to San Francisco)

Remaining Games: at Kansas City, New York Jets, Los Angeles Rams

No. 17) Los Angeles Chargers

Last Week No. 16 - Down 1 Spot

7-6 (Won 1 - Week 14 win over Miami)

Remaining Games: Tennessee, at Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Rams, at Denver

No. 18) New York Jets

Last Week No. 22 - Up 4 Spots

7-6 (Lost 2 - Week 14 loss to Buffalo)

Remaining Games: Detroit, Jacksonville, at Seattle, at Miami

No. 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Week No. 19 - No Change

6-7 (Lost 1 - Week 14 loss to San Francisco)

Remaining Games: Cincinnati, at Arizona, Carolina, at Atlanta

No. 20 Tennessee Titans

Last Week No. 21 - Up 1 Spot

7-6 (Lost 3 - Week 14 loss to Jacksonville)

Remaining Games: at Los Angeles Chargers, Houston, Dallas, at Jacksonville

No. 21) New England Patriots

Last Week No. 17 - Down 4 Spots

7-6 (Won 1 - Week 14 win over Arizona)

Remaining Games: at Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Miami, at Buffalo

No. 22) Washington Commanders

Last Week No. 18 - Down 4 Spots

7-5-1 (Tied 1 - Week 14 Bye)

Remaining Games: New York Giants, at San Francisco, Cleveland, Dallas

No. 23 New York Giants

Last Week No. 23 - No Change

7-5-1 (Lost 1 - Week 14 loss to Philadelphia)

Remaining Games: at Washington, at Minnesota, Indianapolis, @Philadelphia,

No. 24 Miami Dolphins (Forfeited Pick)

Last Week No. 24 - No Change

8-5 (Lost 1 - Week 14 loss to Los Angeles Chargers)

Remaining Games: at Buffalo, Green Bay, at New England, New York Jets

No. 25 Baltimore Ravens

Last Week No. 26 - Up 1 Spot

9-4 (Won 2 - Week 14 win over Pittsburgh)

Remaining Games: at Cleveland, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, at Cincinnati

No. 26 Cincinnati Bengals

Last Week No. 27 - Up 1 Spot

9-4 (Won 5 - Week 14 win over Cleveland)

Remaining Games: at Tampa Bay, at New England, Buffalo, Baltimore

No. 27 Denver Broncos via San Francisco 49ers

Last Week No. 27 - Down 2 Spots

49ers 10-4 (Won 7 - Week 15 win over Seattle)

San Francisco Remaining Games: Washington, at Las Vegas, Arizona

No. 28 Dallas Cowboys

Last Week No. 28 - No Change

10-3 (Won 4 - Week 14 over Houston)

Remaining Games: at Jacksonville, Philadelphia, at Tennessee, at Washington

No. 29 Kansas City Chiefs

Last Week No. 29 - No Change

10-3 (Won 1 - Week 14 over Denver)

Remaining Games: at Houston, Seattle, Denver, at Las Vegas

No. 30 Minnesota Vikings

Last Week No. 30 - No Change

10-3 (Lost 1 - Week 14 loss to Detroit)

Remaining Games: Indianapolis, New York Giants, at Green Bay, at Chicago

No. 31 Buffalo Bills

Last Week No. 31 - No Change

10-3 (Won 4 - Week 14 over New York Jets)

Remaining Games: Miami, at Chicago, at Cincinnati, New England

No. 32 Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week No. 32 - No Change

12-1 (Won 4 - Week 14 Bye)

Remaining Games: at Chicago, at Dallas, New Orleans, New York Giants

Now, let’s take a peek at the games that directly affect the Steelers 2023 draft prospects. (Their prospects, not the actual collegiates).


Indianapolis Colts (4-8-1) at Minnesota Vikings (10-3)

Who to root for: Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are five spots ahead of the Steelers and could drop a few with a win on Saturday for Saturday.

Cleveland Browns (5-8) at Baltimore Ravens (9-4)

Who to root for: Cleveland Browns

It’s always easy to root against the rats, but it’s hard to root for the mistakes by the lake. Nonetheless, somebody Hass to win. If the Browns do, it could lower the pick that they surrendered to Houston.


Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8) at Carolina Panthers (5-8)

Who to root for: Pittsburgh Steelers

This goes against the tanker’s code, but I don’t subscribe to it. We will know those that don’t read the actual article that call me a hypocrite in the comments. I am absolutely rooting for the Steelers. Carolina is ahead of Pittsburgh, and they need to win, Not this Week though. But if you are in tank mode, I can’t tell you not to root against your Steelers.

Philadelphia Eagles (12-1) at Chicago Bears (3-10)

Who to root for: Philadelphia Eagles

Typically, we would cheer for Chicago here. They need to lose to inflate the Claypool second-round choice.

Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) at Houston Texans (1-11-1)

Who to root for: Houston Texans

The Texans are number one with a bullet, a win could get them closer to the Bears and a higher Round 2 choice.

Detroit Lions (6-7) at New York Jets (7-6)

Who to root for: Detroit Lions

The kings of the jungle could have a better record than the Steelers if they keep on winning.

Dallas Cowboys (10-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8)

Who to root for: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags seem to be getting hot and the Steelers need them to stay that way.

Atlanta Falcons (5-8) at New Orleans Saints (4-9)

Who to root for: Atlanta Falcons

A win by either team benefits the Steelers, but Atlanta is the better chance to surpass quicker.

Arizona Cardinals (4-9) at Denver Broncos (3-10)

Who to root for: Arizona Cardinals

A win by the Cards, who have the 6th pick, would benefit Pittsburgh more than the Broncs. They had their chances.

New England Patriots (7-6) at Las Vegas Raiders (5-8)

Who to root for: Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are upcoming, so you can’t root for them next week. Plus, a Raiders win would help them keep pace with the Men of Steel.


Los Angeles Rams (4-9) at Green Bay Packers (5-8)

Who to root for: Los Angeles Rams

The Steelers benefit by either team winning, but a victorious Rams team elevates them closer to the record of your Steelers.