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BTSC Survivor Pool Update: Week 16 and final results

And the winner is...

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The Behind The Steel Curtain survivor pool has come to an end!

After 16 weeks and the elimination of 430 contestants, one person remained perfect on the season picking 18 different teams in order to bring home the autographed Cam Heyward football.

With four choices being made, there were four different games that were selected. Each contestant had to give a primary and secondary choice in case a tiebreaker was needed. The two games that were sent to me as the primary choices were the Buffalo Bills over the Chicago Bears and the Tennessee Titans over the Houston Texans. The Bills won in a blowout, but it looked like the choice of the Titans over the Texans would finish the contest. But there was a late twist...

Realizing the Titans were not a sure pick with the news of Ryan Tannehill being out, a late switch was made before the deadline and the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Las Vegas Raiders was used instead. With the late touchdown to save Christmas for Steelers fans, both contestants made it through with their primary pick.

The secondary picks were a different story, and the contest nearly continued. With one choice of the Detroit Lions over the Carolina Panthers being a blowout by the wrong team, it all came down to the last game. With the selection of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Arizona Cardinals coming through in overtime, the contest has come to a close.

And the winner is...

Madam Bruce’s Psychic Hotline

To celebrate Bruce’s win, here were the winning selections each week for the season:

Week 1: Steelers over Bengals
Week 2: Rams over Falcons
Week 3: Ravens over Patriots
Week 4: Chiefs over Buccaneers
Week 5: 49ers over Panthers
Week 6: Vikings over Dolphins
Week 7: Cowboys over Lions
Week 8: Dolphins over Lions
Week 9: Eagles over Texans
Week 10: Titans over Broncos
Week 11: Commanders over Texans
Week 12: Jets over Bears
Week 13: Seahawks over Rams
Week 14: Patriots over Cardinals
Week 15: Bengals over Buccaneers & Packers over Rams
Week 16: Bills over Bears & Buccaneers over Cardinals

So there you have it! Congratulations to Madam Bruce’s Psychic Hotline. Make sure you check back at Behind The Steel Curtain next fall for another great contest for 2023.