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3 must-watch games for Steelers fans in Week 17

There are several NFL games this week which Steelers fans could be interested in the outcome.

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are heading into back-to-back prime time games after their victory over the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Eve and their upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens getting flexed to Sunday Night Football. With plenty other NFL games happening throughout Week 17, there are several games Steelers’ fans may want to check out. This week, once again none of the matchups are taking place during the Steelers game since they are playing in a unique time slot.

First off, lets check out how the three games from last week ended up. Of the three games, two finished in walk-off fashion. When it comes to the betting lines for the game, the following information is the current consensus spread this week as reported by DraftKings Sportsbook.

Buffalo Bills (35) at Chicago Bears (13)

This game was a blowout, but the purpose it served sits well. The only reason this one was important was to make sure the Bears stayed picking towards the top of the NFL draft so the Steelers get the best possible second-round pick for next season.

Atlanta Falcons (9) at Baltimore Ravens (17)

This game was not overly exciting. The Ravens jumped out to a 14–0 lead in the second quarter thanks to two field goals, a touchdown, and a two-point conversion. The Falcons outscored them the rest of the way 9–3, but it was only field goals as neither team could find the end zone. The Falcons kicked their final field goal just outside of two minutes, but simply couldn’t get a stop to get the ball back for one last push.

Philadelphia Eagles (34) at Dallas Cowboys (40)

If you like seeing points scored, this was the game to watch this week. The fact that the lead changed in the fourth quarter also made for some compelling football. After the Cowboys took the lead with less than 2:30 to go, the Eagles took the opportunity to tie with a field goal and fumbled it away on the very first play. Holding Dallas to another field goal and getting the ball back for a touchdown to win it, they moved the ball into the red zone but could not finish off the drive.

For Week 17, here are the three games which I think are the most much-watch games, whether or not they affect the Steelers:

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

Sunday at 1:00 PM on CBS
Spread: NWE (-3)

It seems like the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots give some entertaining games when they match up late in the season. Add in the fact both teams are fighting for a playoff spot and this makes it a significant game. Most importantly, the Patriots beating the Dolphins is one of the things that must happen for the Steelers to not be eliminated from the postseason. While I think the elimination will happen eventually, it would be really great if we could get to their game Sunday night and the Steelers still be alive.

New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks

Sunday at 4:05 PM on FOX
Spread: NYJ (-2)

Normally this would not be an exciting matchup at all. But as I explained in the previous breakdown, I would just like to see the Steelers get to kickoff on Sunday night and still be alive for a postseason birth. For that to happen, the Seahawks are going to have to pull one out at home over the Jets.

Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals

Monday at 8:30 PM on ESPN
Spread: BUF (-1)

Although I was tempted to go with the Bears once again because of the second-round draft pick coming the Steelers way, it just wasn’t an intriguing matchup. This one, on the other hand, could very well determine the number one seed in the AFC. Who gets home-field advantage and a better matchup starting off the playoffs could very well be on the line as Buffalo goes to Cincinnati. And for the Bengals, this could be the difference between hosting a playoff game and going on the road regardless of what they do in Week 18 should they manage to pull off the victory.

So there are the three main matchups which I believe Steelers fans would see as a must-watch game. This week, I went with AFC playoff scenario games, both those involving the Steelers and those that will shape the top spots in the conference.

Obviously Steelers games are the ones fans care the most about, but there is other good football to be watched. Which of these other games will be the one you will check in on the most? Make sure you vote in the poll and give your thoughts in the comments below.


Other than the Steelers game, what is the biggest must-watch NFL game of Week 17?

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    Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots
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    New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks
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  • 23%
    Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals
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